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Michael Allen offers a common-sense guide to e-learning. This book shows how institutions can look beyond the hype to the real challenges of effective e-learning and realize results through practical, goal-oriented applications.
Michael Allen's e-Learning Library Most e-learning that is produced for classroom training iscreated using instructional models that were introduced more thanthirty years ago. To update design solutions for today's onlinelearners, Michael Allen's e- Learning Library offers areview of the basics of instructional design and then lifts the lidon some common misconceptions that arise from what people thinkthey know about ISD. Michael Allen's e- Learning Library isdesigned to help use time and resources effectively and to buildthe best e-learning experiences possible. Filled with illustrativeexamples, the book is pragmatic and contains easy-to-applysolutions. Successful e-Learning Interface is the third book in theMichael Allen's e-Learning Library series. Using this hands-onresource will maximize your CEO impact—connect, empower, andorchestrate. You will understand how to connect with your learners,how to empower learners to make the most of e-learning'scapabilities, and how to orchestrate learning events. Praise for Michael Allen's e-Learning Library "Once again Michael Allen has zeroed in on a critical, yet oftenoverlooked, aspect of e-learning development. This book sheds lighton the importance of learner interface design, and offers readersclear guidelines for designing interfaces that support the learnerand increase impact. It will be a valuable asset for any e-learningdeveloper who is committed to producing truly world-classe-learning." —David Holcombe, president and CEO, The eLearningGuild and publisher, Learning Solutions Magazine "With this easy-to-apply and practical book, Michael Allenraises the bar on creating exceptional e-learningexperiences." —Lance Dublin, CEO and chief solution architect,Dublin Consulting "Michael Allen continues to be a strong voice in the e-learningindustry. The topics addressed in this book are especially timely,helping the creators of training appeal to a new generation oflearners while addressing the concerns of more mature learningaudiences." —Jennifer Hofmann, president, InSync Training andauthor, The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide andTailored Learning: Designing The Blend That Fits
The ADDIE process is past its prime. It was developed long before Agile and other iterative processes that have introduced greater efficiencies in design and development, fostered more creativity, and addressed effective stakeholder involvement. Leaving ADDIE for SAM introduces two new concepts—SAM, the Successive Approximation Model, and the Savvy Start. Together, they incorporate contemporary design and development processes that simplify instructional design and development, yielding more energetic and effective learning experiences.

This book is a must-read for all learning professionals who have a desire to let go of outdated methodologies and start creating better, faster training products today.
In the Information Age, the personal computer is becoming as pervasive as the telephone and television. It accesses vast stores of constantly changing information and the ability to navigate it and the Internet has become a professional necessity for a majority of white and blue collar jobs. And the key to opening that doorway is computer-based learning—“e-learning.” Using computers for education and training, an industry that barely existed a decade ago, is a fast-growing business opportunity for enterprising people who enjoy helping others learn and who are comfortable with computers. Start Your Own e-Learning Business shows you how to become the person people turn to when they need to catch up on essential skills and knowledge. This guide covers the vast selection of roles you can choose from, including: • Teaching businesses computer basics, management techniques, or programming skills • Publishing guides to help employees understand their firm’s software • Producing interactive content that explains products to customers • Creating Web sites to help students do their homework or seniors hone their Internet skills • Providing content, marketing help, or tech services for other e-learning firms • Brokering classes, recruiting students, or reselling CD-based courses for other businesses
This issue will teach you about the concept of e-learning and how it can benefit your organization. Discover how to approach the decision makers in your organization, and present the best possible case for implementing e-learning into your training program.
This is the second volume of six in Michael Allen’s e-Learning Library—a comprehensive collection of proven techniques for creating e-learning applications that achieve targeted behavioral outcomes through meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences. This book examines common instructional design practices with a critical eye and recommends substituting success rather than tradition as a guide. Drawing from theory, research, and experience in learning and behavioral change, the author provides a framework for addressing a broader range of learner needs and achieving superior performance outcomes.

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