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Studie over de poetica van de Nederlandse schrijver (1921- ) in zijn vroege essays en kritieken.
Méthode rapide et efficace pour réviser et enrichir son vocabulaire. Exercices lexicaux portant sur les 2000 mots de base, organisés en 2 niveaux selon leur fréquence. Dans chaque niveau, classement par thèmes : l'habitat, les relations, les voyages, le corps humain, etc. Traductions française et anglaise de chaque mot. Destiné aux étudiants en langues (lettres, traduction/interprétariat), en communication, en commerce..., aux élèves de la fin du secondaire (néerlandais langue seconde) ainsi qu'aux adultes souhaitant étoffer leur connaissance du néerlandais.
What is the meaning of life? - a question everyone will ask him or herself at times. Everyone wants to have a purpose in life. At times, it is difficult to understand the deeper meaning of life, especially when life is full of problems and deceptions. Nor is it easy to make abstract questions about the meaning of life tangible and concrete. Frank, however, manages to successfully combine the two in this highly accessible book, skillfully blending Eastern philosophy with Western psychology. This book will surprise you by offering you a different perspective on the world you think you live in. It also provides clear answers to existential questions. Who am I? What is my role and purpose in life? The insights you get when reading this book may bring you more freedom, happiness, quality of life and inner peace. This book will bring you closer to who you are. It is the next step on the road to your personal development. Ultimately, you will discover who you essentially are, always have been and always will be. It is the key to true happiness.
With 1855-1927 are issued and bound: Handelingen van de algemeene vergadering.

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