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In her most profound work, Sayers investigates the nature of God and creativity From the first pages of Genesis, it is clear that God and man share one vital trait: the ability to create great works out of nothing. More than any other group, artists feel impelled to create, and this urge brings them closer to God. By contemplating the creative drive of humanity, we can better understand the works of God, and by reading deeply into the tenets of Christianity, we can better understand the creative spirit of man. Dorothy L. Sayers explores the concept of the Holy Trinity within the context of invention: the creative idea, the creative energy, and the creative power. In this searching, wide-ranging treatise, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century shows us what it means to be an artist—and what it takes to make humankind.
Are We an Accident...or Not? The question of cosmic origins and our place in the grand scheme of things has been debated for millennia. Why do we exist? Why does anything exist at all? Today's popular narrative, based on advancements in science, is that it all happened by natural, random processes. Melissa Cain Travis points to powerful evidence that the opposite is true—that cosmology, astronomy, biochemistry, and other disciplines strongly support what she calls "The Maker Thesis," which explains the origin, rationality, and intricacy of nature and the human mind's capacity to comprehend it. Our universe is made up of numerous complex systems of order that both interact and coexist with each other as if in a carefully choreographed dance. Follow along on a fascinating journey about how the structure of nature and the mind of man resonate in ways that point to a Maker who fully intended the astounding discoveries being made in the natural sciences today.
This compilation unites two of Dorothy L. Sayers best writings about the proper education of Christian children. Written in the 1940s, these influential documents were published at the time that Sayers was at her height as a popular writer of fiction. Well-known in England and abroad as a talented and bestselling author, it was during maturity that Sayers decided the time was right to share and publish her views on Christian education. Sayers discusses a number of different topics relevant to a healthy moral and spiritual education ranging from primary school age to university level. She proposes a number of tenets and rules to be carried by schools and colleges, that students may acquire a mindful and responsible attitude both to God and to others in the world. The views delivered in the texts are enforced by relevant quotations of writers and poets who wrote with Christian overtones, such as Goethe and T. S. Eliot. Mindful of the nature of children and young people, Sayers does not advocate an oppressive or forceful kind of education, but one which nurtures pupils' inner talents and creativity. As a woman who lived by her talents for expression and by the Christian virtues, Sayers is eager that students of future generations be given the greatest chance to succeed in much the same fashion she did. The opinions Dorothy Sayers gave in these two works were influential in education, with many schools around the USA and UK - both private and state funded - taking inspiration from them. Today, they remain a relevant and worthwhile read for parents, educators and Christian believers.
This booklet DOES NOT include the text of Mind of the Maker. That book needs to be purchased separately. This booklet provides Discussion questions, scripture verses, and applications to facilitate using Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers as a women's Bible study. There are 8 weeks' worth of material covering chapters 2 through 9 with one chapter of Sayers' book covered each week.This study helps us connect to our own creativity and to the ancient traditions of Christianity. It helps us deepen our God our creator and contemplate the mystery of the Trinity. This is a study for mature Christians who know the basic milk and are ready for the meat of getting to know God more fully and having an ever deeper relationship with Him.
Sayers' three main accomplishments serve as the organizing principle of this book: first, her transformation of the modern detective story into a serious novel of social criticism and moral depth; second, her penetrating critique of the situation of modern woman; and, finally, her compelling work as a lay theologian and interpreter of Christianity.
Makers of the Media Mind is a collection of analytical essays focusing on the most important and original ideas contributed to the field of mass communication by journalism educators. Divided into six sections representing the most prominent areas of specialization in the field, this text serves two significant purposes: first, it acquaints readers with the lives of preeminent journalism educators; second, it provides concise discussions and evaluations of the most compelling ideas those educators have to offer. The editor of, and contributors to, this text contend that ideas cannot be appreciated fully without an understanding of the creators of those same ideas. They hope that this volume's coverage of "creators" as well as concepts will demonstrate that journalism education has played a critical role in the making of the "media mind."
Theory of Mind and Science Fiction shows how theory of mind provides an exciting 'new' way to think about science fiction and, conversely, how science fiction sheds light not only on theory of mind but also empathy, morality, and the nature of our humanity.

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