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Miracles & Extraordinary Blessings is an inspirational collection of short stories and poems commemorating our gratitude for those who have blessed us in this world and answered our prayers in the next. These pieces, written by some of today's most prolific writers, will warm your heart, uplift your spirit, and leave you believing in miracles again.
To the world, she appeared to have it all: a loving husband, three beautiful children, a gorgeous house, a secure and fulfilling job, a contagious smile, and a hip attitude—but did she? After years of secretly running on empty, Kenia Nuñez spiraled into a depression that would threaten her grasp on life and nearly destroy her marriage. It was not until cancer came after her strong, athletic husband did Kenia realize that life is meant to be lived with purpose and enjoyed to its fullest extent. Her story inspired hundreds of Facebook followers as her posts brought them along her roller coaster journey of discovery. Written with poignancy and sincere empathy, she chronicles the first eight months of widowhood. The reader soon understands that her beloved John-Marlon is her angel sprinkling miracles along the way. You, too, will begin to believe that we each have our own unique guiding light urging us to take positive, transformative action here on earth. This is a must-read for anyone touched by uncertainty or pain.
The miraculous blends with the mundane in this book as the Samburu continue their day-to-day twenty-first-century existence. Straight describes miracles inside the cultural logic that makes them possible, questioning how anthropology can best engage with the improbable.
Miracles still happen today and can happen to you just as they have for over 70 individuals in the pages of this amazing book. God is actively involved and sending His angels to help people everywhere.
When we integrate both the experience and the meaning of coincidences into our own lives, we open ourselves to the enriching possibilities, the blessings, and the sense of harmony with the universe that they offer. "Small Miracles" presents 60 real-life coincidences--some heartwarming, some strange, some awe-inspiring.

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