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Presents a comprehensive review of the missile design and systems engineering process. Suitable for aerospace engineering students and professors, this book offers them an understanding of missile design, missile technologies, launch platform integration, missile system measures of merit and the missile system development process.
Air and Missile Defense Systems Engineering fills a need for those seeking insight into the design procedures of the air and missile defense system engineering process. Specifically aimed at policy planners, engineers, researchers, and consultants, it presents a balanced approach to negating a target in both natural and electronic attack environments, and applies physics-based system engineering to designing and developing a balanced air and missile defense system. The book provides an in-depth description of the missile defense design development process as well as the underlying technical foundation of air and missile defense systems engineering. Utilizing the authors’ many years of combined engineering experience, this book considers new air missile defense system technologies and innovative architectures that can be used to meet performance requirements while also minimizing design, development, and operational costs over the lifecycle of a combat system. It also includes the latest systems design techniques that can be applied to new and existing systems, and introduces systems engineering principles that can be discussed and readily applied to other missile defense system scenarios. Additionally, this book: Focuses on shipborne missile defense systems that provide their own ship defense against missiles and protection of other nearby ships Emphasizes the analysis and trade space associated with producing a balanced air and missile defense system (AMDS) Addresses the importance of architectures and technologies Traces requirements development through system performance tradeoffs Includes results of radar and missile performance tradeoffs in a realistic environment Air and Missile Defense Systems Engineering provides an understanding of the physics of missile defense systems and the key performance parameters that drive the capabilities of these systems. This book serves as a valuable resource for missile defense engineers and other practicing professionals, as well as a teaching reference for graduate-level courses.
Airborne Vehicle Guidance and Control Systems is a broad and wide- angled engineering and technological area for research, and continues to be important not only in military defense systems but also in industrial process control and in commercial transportation networks such as various Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The book fills a long-standing gap in the literature. The author is retired from the Air Force Institute and received the Air Force's Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award.