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The definitive Monet biography by Daniel Wildenstein, a leading authority on impressionist painting and author of the catalogue raisonné of Monet's works, is lavishly illustrated with 572 reproductions and complementary photographic documents. A visual representation of an extraordinary artistic career, which simultaneously brings to life the spirit of a whole era.
This four-volume work contains all of Monet's 2000 pictures, as well as almost 100 rediscovered canvases. The first volume acts as an introduction to Monet's life, and the others present his complete work in chronological, historical and scientific terms.
When Paris Sizzled vividly portrays the City of Light during the fabulous 1920s, when art and architecture, music, literature, fashion, entertainment, transportation, and behavior all took dramatically new forms. Through rich illustrations and evocative narrative, Mary McAuliffe brings this vibrant era to life.
"This is an exhibition catalogue which will cover the three major themes of the exhibition Turner to Monet; the development of landscape painting in Britain and Germany at the begining of the nineteenth century and its broader influence in the world; the Sublime and the spectacle of Nature; the advent of Modernism."--Provided by publisher.
Through 170 works, this catalogue analyzes the relationship between Impressionism and nature from an innovative angle. For the first time, the extraordinary pictorial innovations of the Impressionists are seen against a broader understanding of the nature, culture and modernity of the time. In other words, the Impressionists not only visually recorded the impact of modernity on the French landscape, but they also embraced a new holistic viewpoint which revealed the dynamism and condition of every social and natural system. The works trace the development of the representation of nature in French nineteenth century painting, beginning with the early innovations to classic norms brought about by painters of the Barbizon school, followed by a thorough exploration of the revolution caused by the great masters of Impressionism such as Monet, Sisley and Pissarro, and ending with the chromatic triumph of Monets Waterlilies.
Robert L. Herbert : "Art and the machine in 1896 : Henry Nocq, William Morris and the decorative arts". - Louis van Tilborgh : "Van Gogh in Cormon's Studio : A chronological puzzle". - June Hargrove : "Against the grain : The sculpture of Paul Gauguin in the context of his contemporaries". - Joan E. Greer : "The artist's correspondence in late nineteenth-century publications on art : The letters of Vincent van Gogh in the Belgian periodical 'Van Nu & Straks'". - David W. Galenson & Robert Jensen : "Careers and canvases : The rise of the market for modern art in nineteenth-century Paris". - Elise Eckermann : "Out of sight, out of mind ? Paul Gauguin's struggle for recognition after his departure for the South Seas in 1895". - Caroline Boyle Turner : "Paul Gauguin's well rediscovered in Atuona, Hiva Oa (French Polynesia)"

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