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Achieve Your Desires--Tap Into the Hidden Power of the Moon! At any given moment, the moon shines down on half the world. Now, through the magick of Moon Spells, you can learn how to use its energies to achieve your desire--whether it's a joyful romance, a successful career, or superb physical and emotional health. Magickal practitioner Diane Ahlquist guides you on a journey to attuning your spirit with the moon. You'll be amazed at how much more you can achieve in life when you synchronize your activities with the moon's phases. With the proper use of candles, gemstones, and incense, spells can be conducted at exactly the right lunar moment to enhance the flow of power and make your wishes come true. By practicing the spells in this book, you can be more successful, more often, when you want to get a pay raise, release your fears, attract a lover, receive divine messages, begin a new life, or move on after a loss. The moon, our closest celestial neighbor, continues to offer you her power. Moon Spells shows you how to embrace it.
A spell book for love and romance Enthusiasts of Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland, 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason, and The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander will love Moon Spell Magic for Love. A Wicca spell book of love magic: Witchcraft is based on the knowledge that our destinies lie in our own hands, even in matters of the heart. Why suffer love gone wrong when you can do something about it? Why doubt your own power to attract love when a little herbal chemistry (to go along with the other kind!) can make you irresistible. Moon spells for romance: Magic influences desired outcomes, empowers, and fosters growth. Begin this process with spells for love: spells that create the potential for love, draw the attention and devotion of a lover, strengthen the union between an existing couple, invoke sexual magic, heal a broken heart, and fill your own heart with love and compassion for yourself. Inside this book are: • Secret recipes for aphrodisiacs • Ritual celebrations for the high holidays of love • Insight into the mysterious realm of the moon and the stars • Directions for using moon phases, crystals, potions, flowers, herbs, and astrological signs for maximum power and accuracy A great addition to your Wicca supplies: The moon magic in this book brings light and love into peoples’ lives. With desire, a loving attitude, a few natural ingredients, and a dash of magic, these custom-crafted recipes will cook up exciting flirtation, enchanted courtships, and real lasting love. A perfect spell book for true romantics.
★★★ Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle version for FREE ★★★ If you are looking for a practical and complete guide to implement and master the art of moon magic to improve every area of your life, then keep reading. The Moon is a powerful, ever-present entity in our sky. Even during the daytime, she does not fade away, she slips quietly into the background, always watching and nurturing the Earth and her children. And we are her children! The power and energy of the Moon has been an awareness that our ancestors have experienced for ages. They have been guided and set their cycles by her. Even today we look to the Moon to guide the cycles of nature and of our lives, sometimes without knowing that we're doing so. Moon Spells is a journey into the realm of the Moon. It will teach you about her idiosyncrasies, and how we connect to her power and energies and utilize them to make our lives and world better. This includes aspects of self, healing, job and career, business, money, love, friendship, and even connecting to the Divine masculine and feminine within each and every one of us. Through the power and energies of the Moon, we can bring what we desire into manifestation. We can make our lives happen the way that we want them to! This has been done by practitioners for as long as man has walked the face of the Earth under the power and nurturing energies of the Moon. This is not just a book with a bunch of spells written within for you to try and maybe achieve partial success.. This is a book of knowledge, one that teaches you about the many aspects of the Moon so that you can connect to her on the deepest levels possible. The power and energy of the Moon isn't just about magick and power. It is about love and nurturing, protecting yourself, and finding a divine connection that works in your life, that you can use to enhance it... If you are ready to begin mastering the art of moon magic and let it completely enhance your life, then scroll up and click the Buy Now button now!
Most people do not realize that the moon affects so many aspects of life from animal behavior, oceanic tides, to plant development. The moon has mystical powers that are important to any Wiccan when they are ready to cast a moon spell. When you cast spells based on the phases of the moon it will help you stay organize and you will even notice that there is order to your magick Moon spells can be greatly affected by the moon by becoming stronger or even void. Understanding moon spells and everything that goes with the process of moon magick is imperative in your journey into the magick realm. The phases of the moon can provide guidance, prosperity, balance, success, and love in your life if you learn how to 1) Read the phases of the moon; 2) Learn how to properly perform a moon spell; 3) Have the right spells. So, I invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about casting moon spells and take your Wicca practice to the next level! BLESSED BE!
If You are eager to learn the Witchcraft Moon Spell and know all the details about the Energy and Influence of the Moon in Wicca. Then, keep reading. The moon has been a source of inspiration to human kind, and it has always had a very impactful position in the lore of the world throughout a number of different cultures across the world and throughout our history. The moon, as well as the sun, have seemingly always had very strong connections to the gods and goddesses that we have revered throughout human history. Similarly, to the sun, the moon is often associated with a large number of gods throughout the world from a number of different cultures. Many Wiccans will typically gather during the full moon in order to perform certain rituals that honor the wiccan goddess during each of the different Esbats. Of course, the sun and the moon are not the only bodies that possess their own energy. The earth also acts as an independent source of energy, as well as receiving energy from the sun and the moon. However, it does still receive some energy from the moon and the sun, which allow for the creation and the ability to sustain the life on the earth. The energy that is produced by the moon is often thought to be "magnetic", in a sense, due to its size and proximity to the earth causing its gravitational pull to have a very strong impact on the life that exists on the earth. The moon spells in this book can be used as a springboard to project your thoughts, you put your thoughts into action in an orderly manner. A spell creates an overall climate in your mind and is just a starting point to focus on what you want. For serious individuals who accept that there are things beyond the physical realm, the spells will be successful, as they have been for me and others who are like-minded. Here some Tips of What you will discover: A brief history of Wicca and its relation to today Discover World of Wicca Learn to channel the Energy of the Moon and Become familiar with the Power of The Individual Phases Get to know The Eight Phases of the Moon Moon magic of the lunar cycle What Do Wiccans Believes Life-Changing Moon Manifesting Visualization Strategy Many Simple Spells and Rituals ... AND MUCH MORE!!! Even if you have never practiced the Wicca religion, don't worry, You will guide you to discover this magical world with a very simple approach. Begin your Wiccan journey now, scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.
This practical handbook for drawing down the moon’s magical energy covers Wiccan spells on everything from romance and money to your personal super moon. Moon Spell Magic is your essential guide to the many rituals, incantations, and modern pagan practices that can lead to great personal growth and the life of your dreams. In these pages, you will find the essential lore and background information for a deeper grounding in magical correspondences, moon phases, astrological associations, and the myths behind the magic. Whether you are looking to conjure up a supernatural Saturday for your coven or rid your home of negative energy and blocks to happiness, this numinous guide can help you turn your home into a personal pagan power center—and have plenty of fun in the process. The moon has enormous power and celestial energy; by harnessing that, you can improve your life every day with the spells in this book. This comprehensive guide includes: More than 100 recipes for spells ranging from the everyday to special occasions and high holidays Something for every reader, from beginner level to advance students of the craft Ritual resources including lunar lore, astronomical and color correspondences, plant associations, god and goddess invocations, and elemental aspects for creating personal spells New takes on the basics such as spells for love, health, money, and luck as well as many pagan practices for a modern lifestyle A “personal super moon” section detailing your luckiest days of the year and the best times for work, romance, prosperity, and when you can access your “Lunar Super Powers”

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