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Did you know that it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament? Were you aware that it is perfectly legal to murder a Scotsman within the wall of the ancient city of York, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow? Outrageous and hilarious rules and regulations pack the pages of More Than My Job's Worth along with incredible stories of officialdom gone mad. How about the story of a couple in Surrey who cleared an eyesore of weeds, litter, wrecked shopping trolleys and bits of an old car from the area outside their front fence, dug the ground over and put in some plants to make it all look nice for passers-by? The local council told them that unless they paid for a permit, they had to put everything back exactly as it was! You couldn't make it up, as they say, but you don't need to because it's all true! By the way, you need the permission of the Secretary of State if you want to enter the hull of the Titanic, and in Connecticut, USA a pickle cannot be classed as a pickle unless it can bounce!
Malcolm Philips was a reluctant bureaucrat. When it was suggested that he give up selling ice-cream and go to work for the council, he protested that it would be full of jobsworths, skivers and crawlers. Truth to tell, however, he quickly fitted in among what his boss described as all the other ‘sods and buggers’ at County Hall. The 1960s and 1970s were the halcyon days of local government when rules and regulations multiplied at the expense of common sense and no-one was entirely sure what the person in the next office actually did … or even what purpose their own job served. In these Confessions, Malcolm tells all: his surreptitious visits to the girls in the typing pool, the ingenious fiddles, the arrival of flower power in the computer room, the goings-on in the roof-space after the Christmas party, and the mysterious expenses, such as ‘repairs to elephant’. Some of the ‘sods and buggers’ you’ll meet in this book include Archie, a master of foul language and never without a Player’s No. 6; Vince, who had the power to disrupt machinery just by looking at it, and the Lord of the Stationery Cupboard who refused to issue a new pencil unless the old one had been worn down to a stub. As for Malcolm, he thrived, quickly progressing from his early faux pas in commandeering a chair with arms (only for staff on a higher grade) to being allowed to use the rubber stamp with the chief’s signature on it. What more could a young man desire?
If I had the imagination I could have written a story about the destruction of our world. On Tuesday the 8th of November 2016 Donald Trump began the 71 day countdown to his inauguration as the most powerful man in the world. I laughed, and suddenly the words just flowed in a torrent of satire, irony, humour and downright rant as I plotted my survival strategy. It is both a diary of practicalities for my survival and a diary of current affairs championed by our media and leaders alike as they continue to perfect the defense strategy supposedly adopted by ostriches. The book is a blend of fact and fiction, of heartfelt hopes and soul crushing realities. Neville is real, an exaggerated caricature but none the less a long suffering friend and neighbour who even dared to oppose Brexit and I owe him an immense debt of gratitude.
As always Wunderwear Woman is a special breed. She is not anorexic, rippling with muscles and totally hardbodied. She doesn’t collapse at the sight of Kryptonite, nor turn into a fly or spider, neither does she fly in the air or run up walls to destroy a hundred opponents in just a few seconds. Some may say she just blunders in whereas in reality she only wants to speak her mind and tell it as she sees it. In the first book she was single and based in the UK while in the second she was married and living in the USA. In this the third book she visits Australia with her in-laws. She has slimmed and trimmed, but not too much and has modified her approach but not too far. She is still very bold and upfront but in a more controlled way. She wants to change the world, make it a better place and still dares to say the things too many hardly dare to think. She faces the facts as she sees them and faces the people who need to be faced. She has developed her style to let others into her opinions. She sets the scene for others to explode and have a lot more to say for themselves than previously. The results are just as comical and just as serious. This is an adult book, humorous, satirical and sexually explicit with strong language in places dealing with all the issues of the past, present and future times. Things that adults do! Beware! Wunderwear Woman is not for the smug, contented and fainthearted and is specifically designed to irritate the conservatives and politically correct. Enjoy the world of Wunderwear Woman.
Whether you are traveling to Great Britain or just want to understand British popular culture, this unique dictionary will answer your questions. British English from A to Zed contains more than 5,500 British terms and their American equivalents, each with a short explanation of the term’s history and an example of its use. The appendixes provide valuable supplemental material with differences between British and American pronunciation, grammar, and spelling as well as terms grouped in specific areas such as currency, weight, and numbers. This dictionary will help you unravel the meanings of: • Berk (idiot) • Bevvied up (drunk) • Crisps (potato chips) • Erk (rookie) • To judder (to shake) • Noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) • And more! George Bernard Shaw famously said that the British and Americans were “two peoples separated by a common language.” This book bridges that gap.
First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
A fascinating, thematic exploration of clichés from as the actress said to the bishop to zero hour, explaining what they are and where they’ve come from. Julia Cresswell has taken her best-selling dictionary of clichés (‘Sumptuous... A mine of information.’ Guardian) back to the drawing board and has created a book, packed with famous (and infamous) quotations and memorable information, that will change the way you see English.

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