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The Autobiography of a Repaired Physician : Mental Health as Seen from Both Sides of the Desk is a trilogy. Book I deals with my life before, during and after the emergence of an attack of bipolar disorder. The shattering consequences of the disorder and the personal history that precede it are discussed in great clinical and personal detail. My chief concern is that the reader comprehend how the past, present, and future come into play in understanding the outcome in the treatment of this destructive and deadly disease. Book II concerns the social stigma associated with having a history of the disorder and the many pitfalls clinically, psychologically and socially that exist for an individual, such as myself who is charged with the professional responsibility of caring for people suffering from similar affl ictions. Book III is about my adventures in the real world as I have seen it. It relates to the madness of our world in which the ever present and infuriating search for power prestige and possessions appear unfortunately to be the primary determinants of behavior in our society. Many of my closest friends have tried to dissuade me from writing about this issue because they feared I would be exposing myself to further social stigma. I feel strongly that those who have suffered from the destructive effects of the spectrum of bipolar disorder must know how treatment works and what pitfalls to avoid in treatment. As a physician it is my duty to heal myself and with the help of some very talented colleagues. I have been able to do just that. My struggle continues and in that sense more books will be written. I would like to especially acknowledge the help of my wife Barbara, who has stuck with me through thick and thin, and my children Miranda, Alexander and Victoria who love each other and me.
"The perfect combination for a paranormal investigation." David Wells, Most Haunted A unique collection of episodes from the case files of the New England Ghost Project Journey into a world of the unexplained and the unknown, a world where what you can't see captivates all your attention. A trance medium and a paranormal scientist team up in this spellbinding collection of 17 supernatural mysteries, a mere sampling of the spooky episodes in their vast ghost hunting case files. Former skeptic Ron Kolek, with his infrared camera and EMF meter, and fifth-generation psychic Maureen Wood, with her sixth sense and pendulum, have become experts in investigating ghosts, whether they're helping the descendant of an accused witch, checking out the spirits of Lizzie Borden's slain parents, or assisting a monk with an exorcism. Their unique partnership adds a new dimension, and their adventures will test the senses and challenge everyday thinking...and just might make you believe in the paranormal.
Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the modern world. Whether it’s practical DIY home-improvement tips, gadgets and digital technology, information on the newest cars or the latest breakthroughs in science -- PM is the ultimate guide to our high-tech lifestyle.
Capturing the history and beauty of a key destination in the land of the Golden Isles... Eighty miles south of Savannah lies St. Simons Island, one of the most beloved seaside destinations in Georgia and home to some twenty thousand year-round residents. In Island Time, Jingle Davis and Benjamin Galland offer a fascinating history and stunning visual celebration of this coastal community. Prehistoric people established some of North America's first permanent settlements on St. Simons, leaving three giant shell rings as evidence of their occupation. People from other diverse cultures also left their mark: Mocama and Guale Indians, Spanish friars, pirates and privateers, British soldiers and settlers, German religious refugees, and aristocratic antebellum planters. Enslaved Africans and their descendants forged the unique Gullah Geechee culture that survives today. Davis provides a comprehensive history of St. Simons, connecting its stories to broader historical moments. Timbers for Old Ironsides were hewn from St. Simons's live oaks during the Revolutionary War. Aaron Burr fled to St. Simons after killing Alexander Hamilton. Susie Baker King Taylor became the first black person to teach openly in a freedmen's school during her stay on the island. Rachel Carson spent time on St. Simons, which she wrote about in The Edge of the Sea. The island became a popular tourist destination in the 1800s, with visitors arriving on ferries until a causeway opened in 1924. Davis describes the challenges faced by the community with modern growth and explains how St. Simons has retained the unique charm and strong sense of community that it is known for today. Featuring more than two hundred contemporary photographs, historical images, and maps, Island Time is an essential book for people interested in the Georgia coast. A Friends Fund publication.
The Story of a Small Dog Who Needed a Home and the Couple Who Needed Him When Michael and Cheryl Morse slowly drifted apart amid an empty nest, her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, his symptoms of PTSD, and the grief of losing their two beloved dogs—put down on the same day three years prior—it became apparent their lives were in need of a little joy. Enter an energetic, white ball of fluff known as Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson’s story begins in Arkansas, where he was left in a leaky, drafty barn for days—the result of a child who couldn’t care for him and a woman who wouldn’t. An escape artist, he eventually found himself on a country road where he was discovered by a neighbor. Familiar with his current living conditions, she took him in, cleaned him up, and created an online adoption profile for him. In Rhode Island, Cheryl Morse clicked on Mr. Wilson’s photo and instantly fell in love. A few days later, Mr. Wilson arrived in Rhode Island by a tractor trailer full of dogs needing homes. Upon meeting the Morses, he was happy, affectionate, and excited—but how long would it last? Would they be able to care for him and themselves? Had he finally found his forever home? What if they had cats? In Mr. Wilson Makes It Home, the joy Michael and Cheryl so badly needed comes in the form of an adorable schnoodle named Mr. Wilson. This animal rescue story tells of the love, recovery, faith, and hope that a pet can bring to a brokenhearted family.
A comprehensive guide to around 20,000 of the most enduring movies ever made, including American, British, and foreign-language films, as well as movies of the silent era.

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