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This is revision #2 and is a complete and comprehensive description of the advanced riding & racing techniques used by professional motorcycle road racers. Everything from basic racing lines, throttle control, proper gear selection, crash avoidance and trail braking in the turns, just to mention a few, are covered in this book. Abundant diagrams help visualize the techniques and theories described. The information in this book has been complied over 40 years of Ed Bargy's involvement in motorcycle road racing. It is also the main text book used in the Ed Bargy Racing Schools
Presents motorcycle road racing, providing simple explanations surrounding the sport including descriptions of famous races, the culture of racing, and brief career highlights of its legendary stars.
Discusses different motorcycle races such as speedway, road, and hillclimbing racing and describes the variety of cycles used in them.
This book is an account of the companies and individuals, who have played a major part in the design and advancement of motorcycle frame (chassis) performance. These independent companies began to spring up in the early postwar years, when motorcycle racing began to take place again. Due to the lack of available factory machines and the urge to improve performance of the now aged equipment, riders began to build their own frames around whatever engines were available. Success brought recognition, and people were soon wanting to buy winning machines, so fledgling companies began to spring up to satisfy the growing demand for custom chassis. Some of these companies soon began to grow, and others appeared in various European countries over the next few years. The state-of-the-art hand built frames were becoming a must for the discerning road bike rider, and so the independent motorcycle frame makers were beginning to put some designs into production, and a thriving business was beginning to emerge. In later years, with such a large choice of factory engines from around the world, the successful independent chassis manufacturers went from strength to strength and some are now producing highly prized road bikes, whilst building one-off machines as required. As the years have passed, one or two of the independent companies have disappeared, but in many cases their machines have become very collectable classics. The companies still thriving today, as well as producing modern machines with a wide range of engine options, are finding considerable business rebuilding and maintaining machines built in the earlier years. Some of the pioneer builders have become household names to the motorcycle fraternity, and those written about in this book include: Nico Bakker (The Netherlands), Bimota (Italy), Dresda Autos (United Kingdom), Egli (Switzerland), Harris Performance Products (United Kingdom), Hejira racing (United Kingdom), Magni (Italy), Maxton Engineering (United Kingdom), P&M Motorcycles (United Kingdom), Quasar (United Kingdom), Rickman UK (United Kingdom), Colin Seeley Racing (United Kingdom), Segale (Italy) and Spondon Engineering (United Kingdom). This book charts the history of these innovative companies with full specifications for many chassis, and is extensively illustrated throughout. A must for any motorcycle enthusiast, and a valuable reference for the trade.
This book is a thorough and comprehensive look at the various racing lines used for motorcycle road racing. It covers all the different types of lines for all the different types of turns form the simple basic race line to the multiple apex lines. It will explain when and where each line, will work, and where they don't work, due to the situation and racers' needs. The reasons one line may be better than another due to what is before or directly after each turn. Even how size and horsepower of the bike will affect the type of line used is discussed.
This book tells the behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to mount a major road racing effort, seen through the eyes of the big factory teams as well as the privateer sportsmen and women.
Arguably one of the best motorcycle road racing stories ever told such is the depth of research and the detail revealed. Battersby, a gifted writer, captivates enthusiasts throughout.
The full story of the racing two-strokes, from the companys fateful decision to go into motorcycle racing in 1954, right up to the 199s and the powerful machines being produced today. Contains interviews with key personalities and riders. Filled with both technical advances and racing successes.
Eighteen previously published magazine articles from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventures - GPs, MotoGPs, England, Ireland, & The Isle Of Man CD.GPs & MotoGPs - Get the GP and MotoGP experience.England & Ireland - A visit to Britain's National Motorcycle Museum and then to the land of Guinness, Gaelic, and Green. Isle Of Man - You've heard about it, but it won't last forever.
Few people have been as deeply involved in motorcycle sport as Chris Carter, a larger than life character and raconteur who was for a great number of years a journalist, commentator and broadcaster at the very top level of motorcycle sport. This memoir is a funny, fascinating and unique insider view of professional motorcycling over more than six decades. From scrambling in the 1960s, to four decades of international road racing - including Daytona and Macau - as well as trials and speedway. Packed with remarkable stories and amusing anecdotes, as well as interesting reflections and astute observations, it is a light-hearted, highly readable autobiography which lifts the lid on an extraordinary world. In past times, racing paddocks were open and friendly, and Chris felt part of a big, happy family. He lived cheek by jowl with the very top riders and shared their triumphs and tragedies; to many, he was a friend and confidante. Honest, frank and direct, Chris tells things exactly as they were, and provides insights into a fast disappearing world.
Takes readers along on a "spin" through motorcycle racing, including the different types of races and the thrill of watching or being in the race.
On his day, Peter Williams was the best motorcycle road racer in the world and is one of that small band of sportsmen, 'the best never to win a World Championship'. Peter's unique career in the 1960s and 1970s as racer, designer and development engineer culminated in many great victories on bikes from 125cc to 750cc. For two months in 1967 he lead the 500cc class of the World Championship on his single cylinder 500cc MkI Arter Matchless Special against the much more powerful Honda and MV Augusta multis of Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini. Just when he was, perhaps, due for a 'works' ride, the Japanese withdrew from Grand Prix road racing and Peter joined the re-emergent manufacturers of Norton. Peter had two consuming passions; riding his motorcycles at 10/10ths of the limit, and for Britain to regain motorcycle supremacy. Indeed, the latter was his mission, his crusade, and so he rode almost exclusively British motorcycles but, interestingly, won his only Grand Prix on a foreign one. Peter's engineering designs gave him advantage on the race track and set the trends for what motorcycles are today. He was one of the first to design and race with disc brakes, the first in the world to design and use cast magnesium wheels and tubeless tyres. Peter won the 1970 500cc class British Championship and was the first in motorcycle racing to benefit from tobacco sponsorship. The 1973 John Player Norton 'Monocoque' incorporated all his previous experiments and the first twin spar frame. The pinnacle of his career came on this machine when he won the Formula 750 TT in the Isle of Man with record race and lap speeds. Peter's racing career came to an end in 1974 with a terrible crash at Oulton Park but his engineering continued with work at Cosworth Engineering and Lotus Engineering. Motorcycle innovation continues, too, with his true monocoque design, his Shell Chassis, which, in its electric drive form, finished 5th in its very first outing in the 2010 TT Zero.
People have been enjoying and racing motorcycles since 1901, when the extreme vehicle first emerged on the scene. This age-appropriate book gives readers a comprehensive look at motorcycle racing, with a focus on today’s most popular events, such as Motocross and Supercross. “Fast Fact” fact boxes and sidebars teach readers about the sport’s most famous men and women, as the text includes tips on how readers can get involved themselves. The text concludes with a graphic organizer of the most common motorcycle racing flags.
Twenty-five previously published articles from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventures - People, Places, & Things CD.People - These articles examine some interesting motorcyclists and the powerful personalities that drive them. Places - Are you looking for an excuse to ride? These destinations will give you one.Things - Most of these articles are about motorcycle organizations and events.

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