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How can you pack all the camping gear and clothing needed for two people on a motorcycle? At first, it may seem impossible but it is easier than you think if you do your homework. You must learn how to acquire the right gear, how to pack it, and how to use it at your campsite. Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel provides the information and suggestions you will need to buy the right clothing, tents, sleeping bags, tools, lights, cookware, and other camping gear. It describes how to set up comfortable campsites, use ropes and knots, cook great tasting meals, stay dry in stormy weather, stay warm on cool nights, and prolong the life of your gear. Once you take a few trips and master the necessary skills, you will enjoy many pleasures you could never experience in an expensive motel room. You will enjoy breathing fresh air and smelling food cooking at the campground. You will enjoy walking on scenic trails and relaxing at your campsite. In the evening, you will enjoy sitting by a warm campfire, listening to an owl, and occasionally hearing a gentle rain falling on your tent.
Tarmac Tactics is the second book in a series of three written by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training looking into motorcycle riding technique. This book directly addresses the problems we find on the road, and shows us how to deal with the everyday and more unusual hazards we might come across, exploring junction collisions, overtaking accidents, cornering crashes and a lot more besides. Whatever your standard of riding from learner to highly experienced, Kevin's insights from years of working as a courier and a full-time instructor are bound to help you survive the 21st century roads. Ride with Tarmac Tactics!
The broad and developing scope of ergonomics - the application of scientific knowledge to improve people's interaction with products, systems and environments - has been illustrated over the past 15 years by the books which make up the Contemporary Ergonomics series. Presenting the proceedings of the Ergonomics Society's annual conference, the series embraces the wide range of topics covered by ergonomics. Individual papers provide insight into current practice, present new research findings and form an invaluable reference source. The volumes provide a fast track for the publication of suitable papers from international contributors. These are chosen on the basis of abstracts submitted to a selection panel in the autumn prior to the Ergonomics Society's annual conference held in the spring.
In 2002, just when the kids had finally left home and life was getting a bit easier, Jackie's husband came back from a conference and told her that he wanted to learn to ride a motorbike before he got too old. Jackie was first shocked and then horrified. Having witnessed a tragic bike accident in her early 20's she was very against the idea and tried to talk him out of it. Then slowly she got drawn into the fascinating world of biking and bikers until, overcoming her own fears, she took to the road on two wheels. Full of wry observations about bikers, both on and off bikes, amusing anecdotes and a self mocking account of Jackie's efforts to learn to handle her machine on her ever widening travels, this book shows us that motorbiking is not just about power, speed and big macho men in leathers.

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