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If your childs is learning to recognize rhyming words, then this book will build on that foundation.
For children who can already read and write the 26 letters of the alphabet. Words that are familiar to children - such as bat, hat and rat - are grouped together by the vowel and consonant combination of the last two letters. By repeatedly saying and tracing words, children easily acquire solid abilities to say and write simple words.
Long vowels are the most difficult part of learning to read and write. Using a combination of Kumons systematic, step-by-step approach and established phonics theory, this book helps children understand how different vowel combinations make the same long vowel sounds. Aimed at ages 5-7.
Help your child learn how to read and write easily recognizable words featuring long vowel sounds. Using the special pen, write & wipe cards can be used to trace as many times as you wish for repeated practice.
"This workbook will introduce your child to grade one vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises in a step-by-step manner"--Cover [p. 1].

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