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Rodgers and Hammerstein's beloved song from The Soundof Music has captured hearts for generations. Now acclaimed illustrator Renée Graef's heartwarming illustrations give it new meaning. Complete with its score, My Favorite Things is perfect for reading and sharing.
Just a Few of my Favorite Things, is a wonderful compilation of some of those letters which have been written down through the years. Blind Spots Adam never expected to be deceived by his wife. Eve was made with one of his ribs. Sometimes those closest to us can cause us the most grief. Fear Disobedience brings great bondages of fear. Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. BenjaminYou Must Give Up Benjamin Why did you even tell the man that you had another brother? Have you forgotten all that I went through with the death of Joseph? Benjamin is my last son from Rachel and I wont give him up! My Old Man Peters name at birth was Simon Bar-Jonah. The Lord, at different times, would refer to him as Simon, while at others time He would call him Peter, why? Follow This Star About ten years ago, while traveling to another state, I emerged from my car and gazed into the sky. The sky was so clear and gored with stars. Stars, stars and more stars. The sky resembled an impeccable, precise painting of a glorious heaven. Impossible Still say your case is too hard? Abraham was just a man, like you and me. When the impossible was presented to Abraham, he endured the test.
A collections of poems, short stories and songs from poetry.

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