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Discover how a huge range of animals give birth and care for their young. Meet Nile crocodile hatchlings, who chirp when they are ready to hatch, polar bear cubs who are blind for the first week and deaf for the first day, and visit the untidy nest of the Golden eagle, whose chicks can fly in just seven weeks. From the hippopotamus to the honey bee, the albatross to the zebra, you'll uncover a whole new world of babies and their parents.
Baby farm animals play a game of hide-and-seek.
Sumptuous images of adorable baby animals are complemented by the names of each portrayed species and the respective names assigned to their offspring, from a fox kit to a swan cygnet. 10,000 first printing.
My First Book about Baby Animals Table of Contents Introduction Baby Kangaroos Baby Horses Baby Alligators Baby Sheep Baby Deer Baby Ducks Baby Salamanders Baby Dogs Baby Frogs Baby Tigers Baby Lemurs Baby Cats Baby Mice Baby Flamingoes Baby Cows Baby Giant Pandas Baby Rabbits Baby Lions Baby Owls Baby Pigs Baby Seals Baby Otters Baby Chickens Baby Giraffes Conclusion Author Bio Introduction What’s cuter than a baby animal? Not much. Humans love almost all baby animals, and it’s no wonder why.
This beautiful illustrated book is the perfect introduction to baby animals.
Photographs and simple text present a touch and feel book on baby animals.

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