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Winner of the 2019 RUSI Duke of Wellington Medal for Military HistoryWinner of the 2017 Society for Army Historical Research Templer MedalShortlisted for Military History Monthly's "Book of the Year" AwardThe first of two groundbreaking volumes on the Waterloo campaign, this book is based upon a detailed analysis of sources old and new in four languages. It highlights the political stresses between the Allies, and their resolution; it studies the problems of feeding and paying for 250,000 Allied forces assembling in Belgium during the undeclared war, and how a strategy was thrashed out. It studies the neglected topic of how the slow and discordant Allies beyond the Rhine hampered the plans of Blcher and Wellington, thus allowing Napoleon to snatch the initiative from them. Napoleons operational plan is analyzed (and Soult's mistakes in executing it). Accounts from both sides help provide a vivid impression of the fighting on the first day, 15 June, and the volume ends with the joint battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras the next day.
It will therefore, I think be admitted that the present volumes, in which I have endeavoured to give a full and unprejudiced history of the Women Bonapartes, call for no apology; and I may even venture to believe that, whatever their shortcomings, they will be welcomed by the English and American public as an attempt to fill a place in our Napoleonic literature which has been long vacant.
Illuminates the lives of the children of Napoleon Bonaparte: his only legitimate heir, the King of Rome, and his three illegitimate children, Emilie Pellapra, Charles, Comte Leon, and Alexandre, Count Walewshi. Drawing on contemporary sources, the author presents a vivid narrative account of French political life, and the machinations at court. Highly illustrated.
Originally published in 1962, J. Christopher Herold's Bonaparte in Egypt is the best modern account of this extraordinary campaign. In a detailed study, elegantly written, Herold covers all aspects of Bonaparte's expedition: military, political, and cultural. It was a bold adventure, full of drama, topped and tailed by the extremes of total triumph and utter defeat. Although Bonaparte was victorious at the Battle of the Pyramids and occupied Cairo, his fleet was completely destroyed by Nelson at Abukir Bay and his ambition to conquer the Holy Land was frustrated at Acre. Despite these reverses, Bonaparte returned to France where he was greeted as a hero and seized political power in 1799. His attempt to take permanent control of Egypt and Syria for France was a critical stage on his road to power, and it is one of the most revealing episodes in his spectacular career.
This invaluable account provides an excellent introduction to the nature and mechanics of Napoleon's power, and how he used it. It explores Napoleon's rise to fame as a soldier of the French Revolution and his aims and achievements as first consul and emperor during the years 1799-1815.

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