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Taking care of yourself means making healthy choices. We are inundated with ads that tell us we cannot have naturally beautiful skin and hair without buying and using expensive brand name products. The fact is, we can attain a radiant, healthy appearance by making our own skin and hair care products out of all-natural ingredients. Dorie Byers, a registered nurse, master gardener and herb enthusiast, describes the properties and characteristics of dozens of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients, and provides recipes for every skin type. These alternatives to commercial preparations will save you money and put you in control of the healthy ingredients you apply to your body.--From publisher description.
This book will provide you with proven tips, techniques and advice that will help you enhance your natural beauty so that you can always look and feel your best! Are you ready to learn valuable information that will help you enhance your natural beauty? Inside each chapter you will receive easy to understand information designed to help you look good, feel good and unleash your inner beauty to the world! You will have access to great tips, treatments and techniques that you can use to improve your overall appearance, including how to slow down the signs of aging and get beautiful glowing skin you deserve. You'll also learn how to choose the right over-the-counter products, along with some simple home remedies that can help you relieve common problems like dry flaky patches, redness, thinning hair and more. You learn things like: - Affordable tips and techniques that you can use to enhance your natural beauty. - Natural home remedies that you can use to help reduce the signs of aging on your skin. - How to eliminate dull dry skin forever by following a few basic guidelines! - Some simple, yet effective ways to stop thinning hair in its tracks and even reverse its effects. - How to treat common problems like, puffy under eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and dry patchy skin without spending a fortune. - How to choose the right over-the-counter products for your body and the truth about buying organic!
The founder of Naturopathica introduces a holistic guide to beautiful skin, sharing an organic skin-care regimen that features some forty recipes for natural beauty treatments, as well as suggestions on nutrition and diet, detoxing the body, stress relief therapies, homeopathic remedies, and other natural approaches to good skin health. 17,500 first printing.
A revised edition of the bestselling guide to easy and effective home beauty treatments from America's natural beauty expert Beauty in modern America is a multibillion-dollar industry, and consumers spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products only to discover that they aren't satisfactory or effective. Natural Beauty at Home includes over two hundred of Janice Cox's recipes (many have been passed down through three generations of her family) for everything from shampoo and mouthwash to face masks and lip gloss, so readers can customize their beauty regimen, save money, and have fun, all at once. In this new edition, Cox has refined over twenty years' worth of simple and self-indulgent recipes for body and soul, including: - cleaners and scrubs - creams and lotions - massage oils and aromatherapy - hair-care products
Natural Care for The Brown Skin Beauty Women of Color naturally have the most beautiful skin! This guide will help you with the maintenance and care of your beautiful brown skin. Whether your skin is normal, oily, dry or combination, you'll find what you need to nourish your brown skin here. Learn Natural & Highly Effective Methods for: ~ Establishing a Skincare Routine ~ Cleansing ~ Toning ~ Exfoliating ~ Masking ~ Spot Treating ~ and much much more! Mother Earth and Mother Nature have given Women of Color a sweet brown kiss! Whether your skin is kissed with honey, cappuccino or dark chocolate, your skin is a beautiful blessing. Learn how to increase your skin's natural beauty quotient 10 fold, by artfully using what Mother Earth and Mother Nature have left right at your fingertips! As a Licensed Esthetician and Skincare Specialist, I frequently counsel clients with inflamed, chronically problematic, scarred skin. Very often, my clients come to me with real complaints about the condition of their skin. They come to me for answers... I have them! When it comes to skin, I've seen everything from: - excessive oiliness - hyper-pigmentation - severe scarring - aging - burns and other damage - eczema - psoriasis - excessively hairy - peeling - dry - and countless other chronic conditions I have to be able to balance my clients skin no matter what condition they bring it to me in. We usually achieve this either externally or internally or BOTH. This guide is perfect for creating a TOPICAL SKIN CARE PROGRAM to optimize your skin health and radiance. To really create your most clear and glowing skin, "Beauty is More Than Skin Deep - Foods & Beverages Teas & Tonics for Enhancing Natural Beauty" is a great companion book to this one. It addresses the internal component of natural beauty and will help your beauty shine through from the inside out. These 2 books work nicely together. Skin care is not a secret, it's science. It's an equation. It starts with YOU! And it starts TODAY! Do yourself and your Beautiful Black or Brown Skin a favor and order "Skin Care Beauty Basics for Women of Color". Your skin will LOVE it and you will LOVE your skin! _________________ TAGS: skin care; skincare; natural skin care; organic skincare; black skin care; black hair; natural hair; beauty products; natural skincare; skin care recipes; oily skin; acne treatment; black hair care; black hair care book black hair care books; curly hair books; curly; natural shampoo; natural conditioner; natural hair books for black women; natural hair growth guide; natural hair growth ebook; ethnic hair care; ethnic hair; black hair bible; natural hair conditioner; natural hair growth secrets; natural hair recipes; black hair tips; afro hair; african hair; black hair books; black hair ideas; black hair 101; natural hair 101; black hair for beginners; black hair for dummies; black hair advice; black hair tricks; how to take care of your black hair
This book should be called the "Inner Beauty" Guide. Luxurious, Homemade, Ph-Balanced Skin Care Recipes using Seaweed. The recipes are easy to understand, yet the results are pure, natural seaweed Serums and Jellies beyond anything your skin has ever felt. Learn to make your own non-toxic, pH-balanced skin care products, safe for the whole family, for just pennies a day. If you do nothing more than add seaweed Serum to your liquid hand soap, hair shampoo, and bath, it is well worth it - smoother, softer skin every time you wash. This book will appeal to the spiritually-minded, natural beauty enthusiast looking for homemade skin care products, relaxing spa therapy recipes, and effective herbal medicine treatments - with a slight spiritual twist on cellular regeneration. Get ready to experience the beastly pleasures that only handmade seaweed beauty-jelly can offer.

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