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The Naughty Or Nice Cookbook is a collection of 70 healthy dessert recipes made with natural, wholesome ingredients -- from cookies to cakes, to pies to ice creams, and more! These sweet treats are secretly healthy. One bite and you'll ask, "Is this naughty or is this nice?" With sugar-free, high-protein, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options, these recipes are made for everyone (don't worry, though, these recipes may be "free" of some stuff but they sure aren't "free" of flavor)! Satisfy your sweet tooth without the excess calories, fat, and sugar. These desserts will make you feel naughty, when you're really being nice!
A collection of 70 dessert recipes that are made with high-quality, all-natural, wholesome ingredients.
Christmas can be a time of high pressure, family chaos and food overload – and the last thing any of us need are the sugar crashes that come with it. So this year, why not give the Silly Season a crack without the toxic white stuff? With our delicious Christmas Cookbook, we’ll prove that a sugar-free holiday season is not only possible, but delicious too! Our festive meal plans include: - Summer Barbecue - Traditional with a Twist - A Very Veggie Christmas - PLUS a bonus Thanksgiving meal plan! With more than 65 sugar-free recipes, we’ve got you covered – no matter which hemisphere you live in! From Chrissy brunch to summer barbecues, festive cocktails and winter warmers, our aim is to make this Christmas as stress-free and delicious as possible! So, what are you waiting for? Get set for a sugar-free Christmas and enjoy the holiday season with a smile on your face! *This is a revised edition of our previous Christmas Cookbook with a brand new cover and design, but containing the same recipes. Handy tips and tricks: • Recipes dedicated to using leftovers and a how-to guide to on minimising food wastage. • A guide to navigating the silly season during work functions and social gatherings. Bonus features: • Shopping list generator • Ingredient converter • Printable recipes • Planning notes to manage preparation leading up to the big day • Gift ideas to suit any occasion • Links to video cooking demonstrations
The Trilogy Collection What’s better than a fireman? Twelve of them, naked, on the pages of your calendar. Secret Recipe: A famous lifestyle maven who secretly can't cook? Good thing a sizzling hot fireman/calendar model knows his way around the kitchen and is there to rescue her and her charity event from certain disaster. If they detour to the bedroom on the way to the kitchen, even better. Mr. December: When the real December calendar man gets sick, a rich department store owner has to step in for him and play Santa. Once he meets the pretty lady photographer sent to cover the event, things really start to heat up. The only problem is, she has no idea who he really is, and he’s not all that keen on telling her. Can't Buy Me Love: What do you get when you take one over-worked caterer on the brink of a nervous breakdown and add a hunky fireman for sale at the charity bachelor auction she's catering? You get a woman who finally finds the one gift to buy herself that she's never going to want to return. If you love the old black-and-white classic holiday movies such as Christmas in Connecticut, Shop Around the Corner and Holiday Inn, you’ll love the three Nice & Naughty stories they inspired.
John Gregory-Smith's new book is a revelation. Drawing inspiration from Thailand, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Turkey, and Morocco, Gregory-Smith has created recipes that are super-quick to prepare and full of savory flavors. Whether you're looking for a Mighty Bite, a Not Quite Lunch, a Midweek Lifesaver, Something Spectacular, or a Naughty but Nice recipe, even the most complicated meal takes less than 45 minutes to make. Try the Taiwanese Beef Noodles, ready in 15 minutes, and made with a mix of spices that don't take long to cook, or his Cinnamon Fig Tarts, which you can make in 25 minutes. Here you'll find exotic flavors and tongue-tingling spices from every corner of the globe--all super fast. With Mighty Spice Express, your spicy dishes don't have to simmer for hours or steep in complicated mixtures. Put away the pestle and mortar. Get all the taste without the sweat.
When Corin and Brian Mullins started their company, HapiFoods, in 2009 with just $129, they had no idea that in less than a decade they would be shipping millions of bags of cereals around the world. They just wanted to make a nourishing product that would both taste good and be compatible with Brian's food allergies—and perhaps sell it locally for a bit of extra retirement income. After much experimentation, Corin came across the tiny black chia seed—a complete protein, rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well as minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Corin blended chia with nutrient-rich buckwheat and hulled hemp seeds and, inspired by an enthusiastic comment from one of their first customers, she and Brian decided to label their first creation "Holy Crap, the World's Most Amazing Cereal." Thanks in part to an appearance on the hit CBC show Dragons' Den, their products gained the attention of Canadian consumers, many of whom became loyal customers. Starting with HapiFoods' cereals and adding other healthy ingredients, this inspirational cookbook emphasizes a plant-based, gluten-free diet and includes over 60 simple-to-prepare but simply awesome recipes that harness the power of superfoods. From protein-packed breakfast fare like refreshing smoothies and perfect pancakes, to satisfying savory dishes and decadent desserts that don't sacrifice nutrition for flavour, all the recipes in The Holy Crap Cookbook are in keeping with the Holy Crap philosophy: what you eat should be good for you and taste great.
Spicy food doesn't have to simmer for hours or steep in complicated mixtures. Most of us simply don't have the time to source unfamiliar ingredients from ethnic stores, grind multiple spices in a mortar, or let food braise or marinade for hours. John Gregory-Smith's new book is a revelation. It will broaden your repertoire without your having to change your lifestyle in the process. With inspiration from Asia, South America, North Africa and the Middle East, and featured street food recipes, John has done the thinking for you and created recipes that are super-quick to prepare and full of brilliant time-saving techniques and shortcuts. Whether you're looking for a 'Mighty Bite', a 'Not Quite Lunch', a 'Midweek Lifesaver', 'Something Spectacular' or a 'Naughty but Nice' recipe, even the most complicated meal takes less than 45 minutes to make. Try the Taiwanese Beef Noodles, ready in 15 minutes, and made with a mix of spices that don't take long to cook, or his Cinnamon Fig Tarts, which you can make in 25 minutes. Praise for Mighty Spice Express: Food Book of the Week - Daily Mail Online 'Quick, simple and tasty recipes. YUM.' - The Observer 'Where was this book when I was learning how to cook Asian food?' 4 Stars - Caroline Jowett, Daily Express 'colourful and inspiring... John's straight forward technique and scaled down versions of classics from his travels mean you can whip any number of his recipes any night of the week' - VIVA Magazine
From indulgent to healthy, this cookbook curates mouth-watering food, drink and tales from famous establishments in this vibrant locale.
A die-cut road-rage killer recipe book, this little book should entice and baffle the gastronomic sensibilities. Recipes include Scrapple: Queasydillos for the strong stomached, outdoor enthusiast's Perky Jerky, and Chipped Monk on Toast to please the soulful element.
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Andrea's Cooktales: A Keepsake Cookbook. Learn New Recipes, Treasure Old Ones is the debut book of one of America's top 100 home cooks. This heirloom cookbook is meant to be savored, splattered, and shared. It features "New-Generation" Southern recipes that are unique, fun, and easy to follow. Special stories are behind every recipe, which will inspire your own memories and stories. Learn new recipes to add to your weekday as well as holiday meal rotations. From appetizers to dessert, recipes are both naughty (for splurging) and nice (for healthy eating). A notes section is included for cooking/food questions and answers, as well as journal areas to jot down stories and enter family recipes. The perfect gift book, it features a scuff-resistant hardcover, Smythe-sewn binding and a ribbon bookmark that will ensure it will be passed along for years. With delicious photography by Memphian Nicole Cole and a foreword by Memphis restaurateur and chef Jennifer Chandler.
Everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time, and there's no better way than with the world's most naughty-but-unbelievably-nice ingredient. From cakes and bakes to desserts and sweets, Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Chocolate Recipes provides you with 200 irresistible recipes to satisfy every sweet tooth, including clever variations and new ideas. Every recipe is illustrated and includes clear step-by-step instructions, making them suitable for any cook. Whether indulging yourself on the sofa or stunning guests with these tantalising dishes, you'll never need another chocolate recipe book again.
Understanding estrogen and foods that benefit your health.
Clare Latimer, caterer for 10 Downing Street, has taken many of our best-loved comfort dishes and given them new life, with up-to-date ingredients to make them fit for even the most fashionable plate.
INDULGE YOUR CHOCOLATE FETISH! Go from breakfast to night-time with lots of choc lately opportunities in between brought to you by THE CHOCOLATE LOVER'S COOKBOOK. Muffins, cupcakes, special-occasion cakes and desserts, drinks, puddings, pies, tarts and melt-in-the-mouth sweets and candies... there are more than 100 sumptuous recipes in here to keep the chocolate lover happy all day. Get step-by-step techniques for cooking with chocolate and information on the many different types you can buy. Hit the sweet spot with this naughty but nice book!* More than 100 photographs* From breakfast croissants to bedtime hot drinks, there are recipes to keep the chocolate lover happy all day.* Techniques for making chocolate icing, curls, leaves and other decorative elements.* Advice on didifferent types of chocolate and how to cook with them.
This one-of-a-kind collection of recipes and menus contains everything from appetizers and salads to main dishes and desserts, including such entries as Blonde Bombshell Ambrosia and Trussed Chicken
Bored of 'bulletproof' coffee? Need an exciting keto fix of fat and caffeine? This is the book for you... With 36 delicious recipes to choose from, you'll never be short of choices for your high-fat keto drinks again. Inside you'll find fourteen keto coffee recipes, ten for tea, four mouthwatering mocha recipes, four iced drinks perfect for summer and even three naughty but nice alcoholic treats too! Keto Crack Coffee, Creamy Essentoil Coffee, Vanilla Butter Coffee, Dandelion Vanilla Latte, Hot Ketochocolate, Café Mexicana de Keto, Mushroom Power-Up Coffee, Keto Matcha Latte, Chicory Chugger, Keto Masala Chai, Keto Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie, Hot CinnaRum Cocktail and many more! Full-color edition with beautiful photos.
Enjoying the holiday shopping season at the new local mall, Diana Connelly is horrified when she and her friends are trapped there during a snow storm and a twisted killer begins checking off a list of his own. By the author of The Crush. Original.

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