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An up-to-date guide to the principles and practice of Chinese and Western ear acupuncture, this book is aimed at both the student and practitioner. It includes chapters covering ear acupuncture used in the treatment of addiction and Western theories about how acupuncture works.
Unique and comprehensive, this resource thoroughly discusses the various micro-acupuncture systems with clear and clinically useful information for practice, including styles of practice throughout the world, overviews of each system, and treatment for common disorders. All micro systems are covered, including information on point locations and functions. Treatment protocols are given for more than 50 common diseases and conditions, providing the tools necessary for the most effective treatment of patients. The books readability, evidence-based approach, excellent organization, detailed illustrations, comprehensive coverage of all micro-systems, and practical therapeutic treatment guidelines for commonly seen conditions make it an essential for anyone treating patients with acupuncture. Covers all micro-acupuncture systems, including point locations and functions, providing you with a wide variety of clinical tools - all in one reference. Treatment protocols for more than 50 conditions, listed alphabetically for quick reference. Logically organized, with consistent coverage of introductory material, micro-systems, and treatment protocols. Clear and detailed illustrations and photos that show locations of acupuncture points and each micro-system’s relationship to the body, enhancing your understanding of treatment techniques. Based on current research with evidence behind the systems to ensure you are using the most authoritative information in the field. Author Yajuan Wang, an instructor at a major naturopathic university, has more than 20 years of clinical experience.
Using the information in this book, the thousands of people living with long term disability due to stroke, can lead a better quality of life. The book contains classical and standard contemporary acupuncture for emergency and rehabilitation use. Its covers such areas as: Running needle; Moxibustion; Electro-acupuncture; Magneto-therapy and herbal patches; Special protocols by famous contemporary practitioners; Treatments for body, scalp, ear, tongue, wrist-ankle and ocular acupuncture; and, the treatment of 23 post stroke sequelae. The final chapter of the book recounts the outcomes of scores of clinical trials proving acupuncture efficacy in the treatment of stroke.
Wield your acupuncture needles like a pro! This book shows you how to use acupuncture needles safely and effectively. Learn a variety of insertion techniques, needle manipulation, methods for reduction and tonification, clean needle safety and sterilization guidelines, and how to manage accidents in a clinical setting. Click on the Buy button to get your copy now! --------"An excellent and helpful resource for students and also for colleagues! Cat's TCM Notes are professionally made, with love for the patient and a deep understanding of the complex healing mission. Cat Calhoun has proven to be a highly responsible professional with a humanistic vision of the Art of Chinese Medicine. I highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in acupuncture."-Georgi M
Acupuncture Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain covers the basics of acupuncture theory and explains the precepts of Eastern medicine. The text is written for orthopaedic surgeons, anesthesiologists and rehabilitation medicine specialists, and will aid them in their diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain -- both acute and chronic -- as well as arthritis. Readers of the text will progress on a journey through healing that will serve as a useful adjunct to the procedures and medications currently in use. The author breaks the subject down into three sections: Basics of Acupuncture, Acupuncture Treatment of the Muscoloskeletal Acupuncture Points and Indications, and Special Techniques.

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