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Matrix develops grammar, vocabulary and the four main skills within an exam context. Engaging texts provide authentic input for the development of students' reading and listening skills, and provide cultural information. Each unit is theme-related, with topics chosen for their appeal to 16-19 year-olds. Grammar is presented and practised in a way that allows students to reflect on their understanding of English, and see it fall into place. Exam training is highlighted throughout the course via 'Quick tip' and 'Exam training' boxes which offer students practical advice on developing both study skills and examination techniques. Extensive vocabulary development increases students' active and passive knowledge. Frequent consolidation and recycling exercises build confidence and help students to add interest and variety to their English. Speaking is practised through a wide range of controlled and freer activities, encouraging students both to take part in more structured discussions and to express their own ideas. Listening texts are based on authentic materials and feature a variety of speakers and accents. A comprehensive writing syllabus gives students step-by-step guidance in producing a wide range of text types. The integration of practice and extension material supports mixed-ability classes. It also means that the course can be used flexibly, depending on the number of teaching hours available. 'Let's revise' pages after every two units review language and skills as students progress through the course. A grammar reference and extensive wordlist with definitions and examples give extra support for students and teachers. Matrix Foundation and Pre-Intermediate has 'Culture focus' pages in every unit of the Student's Book, and extra photocopiable resource material in the Teacher's Book. Matrix Pre-Intermediate has 'Reading for pleasure' pages in every unit of the Student's Book. Matrix Foundation has five 'Reading for pleasure' texts in the Teacher's Book.
A series that prepares students for secondary school-leaving exams.
Aims to develop grammar, vocabulary and the four main skills within an exam context. This series provides authentic input for the development of students' reading and listening skills, and cultural information. It includes units related to themes, with topics chosen for their appeal to 16-19 year-olds. It also aims to increase active knowledge.
A series that prepares students for secondary school-leaving exams.
Fully prepare yourself for the EXIN Green IT Foundation exam and certification. See all the benefits of the EXIN Green IT Foundation certification. Benefits for candidates: - Increased employability prospects - Expand into new 'Green' verticals - Non-technical, practical approach Benefits for companies: - Increase efficiency, reduce costs - Create critical mass for Green / Smart initiatives - Align IT and CSR (Corporate social responsibility) policies - Reduce the environmental and economic footprint - Improve corporate image Benefits for governments: - Demonstrate thought leadership - Encourage resource conservation - Develop 21st century workforce competences
Students looking to build their skills through extra practice worksheets or teachers seeking already-created workbooks, reinforcing key concepts for their students, need look no further. Anyone in a foundation program or first year-college math course is bound to find this workbook approachable and immensely useful.The workbook is written by a teacher, who understands the needs of math students and has been teaching the material covered in this workbook for over five years to a diverse host of students from different backgrounds and needs. Material presented includes Linear Equations and Matrices, Quadratic and Cubic Equations, Sequences and Series, Indices and Logarithms, Trigonometry, Differentiation, and Integration. With over 2,000 level-appropriate created questions to practice, mathematical skills and confidence are sure to be reinforced and boosted.
This book will change the way you think. In this whacky world the best jobs go to the worst people.Careers fizzle out at the drop of a hat. To protect next year'sbudget you've got to waste whatever's left of this year's money.Matrix victims quietly go missing. Companies merge and frequentlygo bust. And everything's tightly controlled by a secret underworldFinance mafia. Does this sound familiar? You've entered the rough and tumblerealm of corporate business where crazy things happen and it'stough to survive. Welcome to the counter-intuitive playground oforganizational life. Come along for a white-knuckle ride through our organizationaltheme park. Your companion guide is the streetwise Dr. Fink—the world's expert on organizations. Allow this amiablepractitioner to share with you the wisdom through which heconsistently achieves corporate, client, and personal success as hedemonstrates his magical methods for averting calamity before yourvery eyes. Assisted by a cast of flamboyant characters—includingMatilda the well-meaning but meticulously incompetent coach, FatSid in finance, Adrian his top enforcer, and Mort the undertakerwho runs operations into the ground—join Dr. Fink on anilluminating journey down dark corporate alleyways to get the fulllow-down on what's really going on. And if after the trip you should ever suspect an impendingdisaster surfacing in your organizational life—all you have todo is ask yourself one simple question: What should I ask Dr.Fink? "An extraordinary work that will stand the test of time."—Marshall Goldsmith
Three kinds of strategic ideas apply to human achievement: strategic analysis, where you study the situation you face; strategic intuition, where you get a creative idea for what to do; and strategic planning, where you work out the details of how to do it. For more than a decade, William Duggan has conducted pioneering research on strategic intuition. He now gives us this eye-opening book that shows how strategic intuition lies at the heart of great achievements throughout human history: the scientific and computer revolutions, women's suffrage, the civil rights movement, modern art, microfinance in poor countries, and more. Considering the achievements of people and organizations, from Bill Gates to Google, Copernicus to Martin Luther King, Picasso to Patton, you'll never think the same way about strategy again.
Demonstrates the synergy of physical and spiritual healing to complement a doctor's care.
* Fundamental text for an optometric curriculum, a student studying for the optometry boards, or a person interested in optics and vision * Uses the vergence-dioptric power-wavefront approach from the beginning * Emphasizes conceptual understanding and development of intuition * Emphasizes conceptual understanding and development of optical intuition * Uses the vergence-dioptric power-wavefront approach * Helpful review for optometry boards and qualifying examinations
THE NATURE OF LIFE WORKBOOK offers you a unique opportunity to explore every element of your reality and life. This 335-page full-colour A4 spiral-bound workbook offers you a unique opportunity to explore every element of your reality and life. You can now document your personal growth via a series of questionnaires and exercises - based on the material presented in the main textbook THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. Discover unique and practical tools to ensure you stay on your path and keep moving forward. This workbook contains 7 sections that give you the whole picture regarding your personal experience of The Nature of Life: 1. Revising The Foundation 2. Acting on New Wholistic Model 3. Personalising The Matrix 4. The Dynamics of Your Life 5. Realising Your Potential 6. Fulfilling Your Purpose 7. Your Complete Nature

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