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This is an abundantly documented study of composite sentences in Modern Chinese, their syntactic and semantic properties. It discusses the extent of language variation, the relation between synchrony and diachrony, the nature of grammaticalization, and the non-uniqueness of syntactic analysis.
A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is the standard reference to World Spanish which features formal, colloquial, familiar, and popular usage and new authentic examples that contrast Peninsular with Latin American Spanish.
This book marks an exciting contribution to the development and application of Processability Theory. It offers the reader an extensive overview and a critical discussion of the existing research into processability procedural skills, from Germanic to Asian and Arabic languages. It also develops a new perspective on the study of Chinese as a second language (CSL) acquisition, moving from theory to practice. The strength of this book lies not only in its innovative approach to CSL learning, but also in the potential practical applications of the approach to the development of the Chinese teaching syllabus and elicitation tasks. This research presented will benefit both learners and teachers. As a second language learner acquiring Chinese, this book will tell you how to facilitate the learning process in an easy and scientific way. As a teacher of Chinese, this book will help you to know what to teach, and how to teach it, and, importantly, will teach you how to understand learners’ language processing from a practical point of view. The book affords a unique insight into the Chinese processability hierarchy which delineates the universal processing trajectory of CSL learners. The research design and data analysis procedures, which are presented and explained clearly and thoroughly, constitute an original contribution to the growing research into Chinese language acquisition, and will pave the wave for future research in the field. The book will be of considerable interest to linguists working in the field of Processability Theory and will be enjoyed by both CSL learners and their teachers.
This expanded version of Practical Chinese Reader, Volume 2 Patterns and Exercises provides additional explanatory material, supplementary exercises, and creati
Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education deals with the current issues and challenges faced by teachers and learners of Chinese. Written by leading professionals and academics, the book is the first collection of research articles based on data collected in higher education institutions in the UK. The studies focus on concerns related to learners of Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) and aim to establish studies on teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) as part of the mainstream of applied linguistics The contributors have applied their theoretical backgrounds in applied linguistics and education to tackle issues such as how to benchmark the Chinese written language with CEFR, how to integrate standardised Chinese proficiency tests with institutional assessments and teaching methodologies. Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education will be invaluable to professionals, academics and students seeking theoretical frameworks in applied linguistics for TCFL.
This book applies corpus-driven and corpus-based approaches to provide a new perspective on Chinese multiword expressions (MWEs). It reveals the unique characteristics of Chinese MWEs, providing vital information on MWEs to support the TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) community. This book offers important insights into improving language learning, editing textbooks, and compiling learners’ dictionaries. Moreover, the corpora and findings arising from this project offer a valuable resource not only for the field of language education, but also for psychology and natural language processing
Designed for study-abroad China exchange programs, this is an exciting, practical introduction to the life of foreign students in China at the advanced beginners (high school to college) level for spoken Mandarin Chinese. Assuming a knowledge of basic spoken vocabulary, it introduces approximately 110 new characters, 210 words for required mastery, and an additional optional 250 words. Each lesson contains a dialogue printed in traditional Chinese characters and a short essay printed in simplified characters, so that students must learn both forms. Audio cassettes are sold separately.

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