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He provides students with easy-to-remember English derivatives, lists the number of occurrences for each word learned, and provides lists that are easily learned in a single vocabulary-learning session. Most importantly, he organizes this book on the basis of word families and frequency. New to this edition are a comprehensive list of proper nouns and a section to help students understand aytos and similar words.
An essential aspect of successfully navigating any foreign language is vocabulary acquisition. Acquiring the ability to comprehend, recall, and use vocabulary takes time and practice. As a vocabulary-building resource, 800 Words and Images is strategically arranged to assist students in gaining competency and fluency in Koine Greek. Divided into ten sections, this work links together nearly eight hundred words from the New Testament with helpful visuals. In addition, audio files for each section have been created so that students can listen while interacting with the book. Research from the fields of cognitive linguistics, neurosciences, and mental representation theory show that when images and sounds are combined in the process of vocabulary learning, retention is dramatically increased. 800 Words and Images utilizes this research for the purpose of helping and encouraging Koine Greek students. All learners, whether autodidacts or participants in a classroom, can use this work to bolster their New Testament Greek vocabularies.
The most popular language learning model applied to learning New Testament Greek. Mark Wilson introduces Greek students to a method widely used today in general language learning--semantic domains, or categories.
An Essential Toolkit for Mastering New Testament Greek Learning New Testament Greek can be a daunting task. In Mastering New Testament Greek: Essential Tools for Students, with CD-ROM, Thomas A. Robinson offers learners an inventive set of tools that can be used alongside their beginning grammar text to help them move toward Greek mastery. At the heart of Robinson's ingenious vocabulary mastery system are his Cognate Groups that link Greek words together based on their common roots, enabling those desiring to learn Greek to build a working vocabulary more quickly and easily. Additional vocabulary-building tools in Mastering New Testament Greek include: a comprehensive list of words that are identical in English and Greek detailed explanations of Greek suffixes and prefixes a familiar list of English words derived from Greek roots a helpful cognate Greek-English dictionary Mastering New Testament Greek, the revised and expanded third edition of Robinson's well-received Mastering Greek Vocabulary, now includes an Index of Greek Word Endings that enables those studying Greek to decode baffling grammatical forms, as well as an innovative collection of charts that illustrate the correlations between Greek prepositions and the cases they use to complete their meanings. Mastering New Testament Greekalso comes with a CD-ROM packed with user-friendly software programs that support and expand the utilities contained in the book. Software modules guide users in: mastering the Greek alphabet and pronunciation learning new vocabulary reviewing Greek verbs parsing difficult grammatical forms Taken together, the tools contained in Mastering New Testament Greekand in the accompanying CD-ROM comprise an essential toolkit that students of the language of the New Testament, from beginning to advanced, will not want to be without.
This volume is the best book available for building New Testament Greek vocabulary with new improvements to make it even better!
The Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek is an invaluable resource for

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