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Enjoy gorgeous projects that include hats, small and large shawls (circular, semi-circular, and triangular), scarves, and wraps - all inspired by traditional lace doily patterns. Lace-knitter Andrea Jurgrau shows how she creates her patterns, lifting or creating and adjusting individual motifs, then reworking and combining them into original, unique works of wearable art. Take knitted doilies to another level! Intricate, delicate, and from the past, Andrea readily acknowledges that you might not have a use for such items. In her book New Vintage Lace, you'll find a collection of 18 fully-charted projects that she has altered and adapted into fresh wearable accessories suited to more modern styles and tastes. Andrea shows you many particulars of lace knitting - explaining special stitches, how to read both charts and your own knitting, different ways of adding beads, and the importance of proper blocking. New Vintage Lace will take you beyond the current trends and leave you wanting more.
A beautifully illustrated and practical guide to decorating and living in style, New Vintage is filled with easy projects to make your home hip and divine. Than Scoon is more than a stylist, she is an interior decorator with a passion for creating rooms that reflect the old and the new. This book will be your inspiration to live more beautifully. New Vintage shows you how to invigorate every room in your house. It contains easy-to-follow-how-to projects on restoring antique pieces, making curtains and cushions, as well as painting. With step-by-step photos guiding you through each project, you will be able to create a lush, inviting home you love.
Here is a lively and lighthearted survey that looks at the role that old and classic fonts from letterpress to slab serifs and beyond play in contemporary graphic design.Written and compiled by the worlds leading graphic-design historian, the book provides hundreds of examples, as well as informed texts that will entertain, edify and inspire a new generation of students and practitioners to appreciate that the past contains typographic riches for the future.
This book explores the meanings and practices of vintage lives. It focuses on the non-mainstream subculture of vintage clothes and lifestyle, specifically that of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and asks how those engaged in the culture place themselves within the gendered and classed contexts of these eras. As a result, it also identifies the tensions involved in these identities connected to a past that offered little gain for women and narrow gender roles for both women and men. Modern Vintage Homes & Leisure Lives is based on original empirical international data about a group of people who wear vintage clothing all of the time and whose homes are styled entirely, or almost entirely, vintage. It aims to understand the meanings of vintage for them through their daily practices and accrued knowledge. Through interviews and direct observations of vintage events it also explores questions about the acquisition, display and curation of vintage clothes, homes and objects, about glamour and wardrobes, about the history of second-hand markets, and emotional durability and ideas about ghosts, hauntings and spectral remains. It will be of particular interest to students and academics of gender and women’s studies, fashion and design, fashion history, cultural studies, the body and embodiment.
Embellished is a visual feast of a journey through the process of inspiration and creativity, illustrating the way in which pieces and processes influence new work and ideas. Combining elements as diverse as exotic feathers, plastic jewellry, buttons, and vintage millinery straw, Karen Nicol will inspire you to come up with lavish creations beyond your wildest dreams.
In 1772, Native Americans granted land in the Tuscarawas Valley to Moravian missionary David Zeisberger, and he established the Christian community of Schoenbrunn Village, which remained until 1777 when members were forced to relocate. Then in late 1804, John Knisely, his family, and other pioneers braved the western frontier and settled on the Tuscarawas River near the Schoenbrunn Village site. On October 23, 1804, John Knisely founded the town of New Philadelphia. He was a great philanthropist, donating land to the city for future public buildings, guaranteeing its selection as the Tuscarawas County Seat. In Schoenbrunn Village, which has been partially excavated and rebuilt as a historic site in New Philadelphia, missionaries lived in harmony with Native Americans, and so it seems fitting that New Philadelphia, through the influence of John Knisely's generosity, has maintained its image as the new "city of brotherly love." Two hundred years later, the city strives to keep Knisely's dream alive with its generous allocation of resources and commitment to those in need.
The scenic town of New Albany lies along the banks of the Ohio River, opposite Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1813 and incorporated in 1839, New Albany grew to be the largest city in Indiana by the mid-1800s. Its location below the falls of the Ohio River boosted shipping and boat-building and promoted the building of some of the city's most notable residences, many of which still stand along Main Street. Through more than 200 vintage postcards, authors David C. Barksdale and Robyn Davis Sekula guide the reader on a tour of New Albany's past. The images highlight the city's early schools and churches and its first library. Others juxtapose flooding disaster and centennial celebration.

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