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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) is a special operations unit of the United States Army that provides helicopter aviation support for general purpose forces and Special Operations Forces. Its missions have included attack, assault, and reconnaissance, and are usually conducted at night, at high speeds, low altitudes, and on short notice. The 160th SOAR is headquartered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The 160th SOAR (A) are also known as the Night Stalkers and their motto is Night Stalkers Don't Quit.
From the New York Times bestselling authors of In the Company of Heroes. In the world of covert warfare, Special Operations pilots are notoriously close- lipped about what they do. They don't talk about their missions to anyone outside their small community. But now, Michael J. Durant and Steven Hartov shed fascinating light on the mysterious elite commandos known as SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) and take readers into a shadowy world of combat they have only imagined.
The New York Times Bestseller and Winner of the 2015 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for Unit History Since the attacks of September 11, one organization has been at the forefront of America's military response. Its efforts turned the tide against al-Qaida in Iraq, killed Bin Laden and Zarqawi, rescued Captain Phillips and captured Saddam Hussein. Its commander can direct cruise missile strikes from nuclear submarines and conduct special operations raids anywhere in the world. Relentless Strike tells the inside story of Joint Special Operations Command, the secret military organization that during the past decade has revolutionized counterterrorism, seamlessly fusing intelligence and operational skills to conduct missions that hit the headlines, and those that have remained in the shadows-until now. Because JSOC includes the military's most storied special operations units-Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, the 75th Ranger Regiment-as well as America's most secret aviation and intelligence units, this is their story, too. Relentless Strike reveals tension-drenched meetings in war rooms from the Pentagon to Iraq and special operations battles from the cabin of an MH-60 Black Hawk to the driver's seat of Delta Force's Pinzgauer vehicles as they approach their targets. Through exclusive interviews, reporter Sean Naylor uses his unique access to reveal how an organization designed in the 1980s for a very limited mission set transformed itself after 9/11 to become the military's premier weapon in the war against terrorism and how it continues to evolve today.
Immediately following 9/11, the United States needed to strike back . . . but against whom? In the eyes of the intelligence community, the aerial attack on the World Trade Center and Washington, D.C., bore all the signs of an al-Qaeda operation. This was soon verified by al-Qaeda itself, as Osama bin Laden claimed credit. America quickly targeted al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan that was providing them sanctuary. Central Command, responsible for the Middle East, including Afghanistan, outlined three options: strike back with cruise missiles, strike back with cruise missiles and manned bombers, or complement aerial attacks with American ground forces: “boots on the ground.” President George W. Bush wanted direct action, so American ground forces, supported by American airpower and cruise missiles, became the order of the day. Initially, the boots were worn by CIA covert operatives and U.S. Army Special Forces teams, the famed Green Berets. Bush authorized the CIA an additional $1 billion to drive al-Qaeda and the Taliban from power. On 17 September 2001, Bush authorized the CIA to engage al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations anywhere in the world and assassinate individuals designated as terrorists. It was the broadest and most lethal authority in the agency’s history. The CIA deployed teams across Afghanistan to work with the Northern Alliance and U.S. Army Special Forces. The results were immediate and positive. The Northern Alliance had the Taliban and al-Qaeda on the run with a remarkable combination of “horse soldiers” and high-tech U.S. airpower called in by American special operations forces. Late in November, U.S. Marine Corps Task Force 58 seized an airstrip southwest of the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar in the longest amphibious raid in history, 450 miles from the sea. In early December, Kandahar fell to forces loyal to Hamid Karzai, who would later become president of Afghanistan. It was the last remaining Taliban stronghold in the country. Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership fled. Acclaimed military historian Dick Camp details this remarkable campaign for Afghanistan. He also provides a comprehensive history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Red Army’s unsuccessful occupation of the country, which led to the rise of the Afghani mujahideen and anti-Soviet foreign fighters under al-Qaeda, as well as the subsequent rise of the Taliban.
THE ULTIMATE WARRIORS Highly trained and equipped to kill, special-ops forces take on the world’s most dangerous and courageous missions. Warrior Elite zeroes in on the most lethal special- ops encounters of all time. • RAID AT SON TAY Helicopter gunships drop 100 Green Berets into North Vietnamese jungle on a virtual suicide mission to rescue POWs • MAERSK ALABAMA Perfect planning and precise execution come together as Navy SEALs fire the greatest simultaneous sniper shots ever • BATTLE OF TORA BORA In the pitch-black labyrinthine caves of Afghanistan, Special Forces dispatch Taliban insurgents in a video game–like scenario of infrared warfare • KILLING OF BIN LADEN With the plan up in smoke as a Black Hawk goes down, SEAL Team 6 deftly adjusts on the fly—getting in and eliminating the target in just 7 minutes
This book looks at the preparations that have been made in the U.S., Britain, and Europe to provide highly mobile units that can be deployed at short notice to counter spontaneous outbreaks of violence, showing the latest equipment in use by army, air force, and naval units. The reader is taken through deployment exercises with each military objective clarified and shown. The world will see increased use of these elite units in the years ahead as they attempt to maintain peace in an unstable world.
An inside look at the Air Force's pararescue operations in Afghanistan chronicles the the exploits of the 71st Rescue Squadron as the PJs rescue the crew of a crashed plane from a site 10,000 feet in the Hindu Kush mountains, make a nighttime parachute jump into the heart of an Afghan minefield, and take part in Operation Anaconda.
Drawing recruits from all 48 states at the time of its inception, the 82nd Airborne earned the nickname “All American.” And indeed, from its beginnings in 1917 to its service today in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 82nd has remained the nation’s best-known--and most widely respected--airborne unit. This book traces the 82nd Airborne’s history from its roots in the 82nd Infantry Division to its current service. While providing a historical overview of the grand heritage of the All Americans--the unit’s stellar service during World War II, its reserve status during the Cold War, its peacekeeping mission in the Dominican Republic and sustained action in Vietnam--82nd Airborne focuses primarily on the unit’s contemporary service. Author Fred J. Pushies discusses the division’s involvement in small conflicts, including Grenada and Panama, throughout the 1980s. And he details the 82nd’s service throughout the 1990s in Iraq, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo--and, since 9/11, in Afghanistan and Iraq. His is the most thorough and up-to-date account of the legendary All Americans in the modern era.
"U.S. Army Patches brings together in one colorful source more than eighteen hundred cloth insignia worn by U.S. soldiers from World War I to the present. Barry Jason Stein has gathered officially approved patches from both active and inactive units, as well as patches approved for local wear and many unauthorized patches, all of which offer unique insights into the U.S. military. Drawing on extensive research of government documents, Stein offers a brief profile of each army unit and a commentary on the significance of its heraldic terms. He includes anecdotal information that makes the volume as entertaining as it is resourceful. In his inventory of the patches, Stein lists items of special interest, including the period and the battle campaigns in which they were worn and the meaning of their motifs. In addition Stein provides an index of all previous designations by which the units have been known"--Dust jacket.
Like its World War II namesake of Leyte Gulf fame, USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) was a small combatant built for escort duty. This text records the Robert's extraordinary tale.
Beskrivelse af fremtidens kampfly og -helikoptere, herunder eksperimentalfly og prototyper.
Ex-Army Ranger Aaron Korda, while on a mission of vengeance against the men who murdered his best friend during a failed commando raid on a Central Asian terrorist facility, uncovers a terrorist plot to destroy Western civilization, turning his fight for revenge into a war to save the world. Original.
Captain Claudia Jean Casperson of the Night Stalkers and Colonel Michael Gibson of Delta Force must go undercover to stop a clash that could have catastrophic global repercussions while trying to resist the explosive attractive between them. Original.

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