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A biography of Nikola Tesla, physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer.
This was the first full-length biography written on the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla. The author was a Pulitzer Prize-winner and personal friend of Tesla, who once said the author understood him better than any man alive. It is reflected well in this highly detailed work. Much of the information in this book was personal and important, but might otherwise not have been known had O'Neill not documented it. The immense genius of Tesla resulted from a mind that could see an invention in 3-D, from every angle, within his mind before it was easily built. His dimensions and part sizes were always perfect. He never tested parts; they always worked. Most of his inventions were electrical in nature, with dozens of his patents now being used around the world. Much is revealed on Tesla's eccentric personality, his competition with Thomas Edison, and how he made his first million before the age of forty. Money was not important to him, however, nor was The Nobel Prize, which he refused to accept. It was always the science that came first. Due to the author's friendship with him, we are allowed an up close and intimate view into the mind of this genius inventor.
Recounts the life and accomplishments of the Croatian-born engineer who developed alternating-current technology and invented the radio
Part one of the Tesla Presents series, this book contains the transcript of an extended pre-hearing interview with Nikola Tesla in which he chronicals his efforts directed towards the development of an earth-based system for wireless telecommunications. An Appendex section includes the description of a physical plant built for this purpose in 1901 as reported in foreclosure appeal proceedings. 103 photos and line-art illustrations, indexed.
The booklet contains the following articles: Tesla - A Great Inventor; Proceedings of the Radio Club of America, Inc. - Vol. 45, No. 2; Who Was Tesla?; Nikola Tesla, World's Greatest Engineer by Cmdr. E. J. Quinby, USN plus much other information.
Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla was a revolutionary scientist whose greatest invention, A/C current, powers almost all of the technological wonders in the world today.
Chronicling the explosive career of a twentieth-century genius, Brilliant! is a story about the beginning of our technological age embodied in a man whose ideas, dreams and passions were too big for his own time. Visually stunning, the play has many comic, surreal and dramatic moments told in the inimitable style that has made the Electric Company a Canadian treasure. In February 1882, Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field, a fundamental principle in physics and the basis of nearly all devices that use alternating current. His greatest achievement is the polyphase alternating current system, which today lights the entire globe. His alternating current induction motor is considered one of the ten greatest discoveries of all time. Among his other discoveries are the fluorescent light, the laser beam, wireless communications, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, and vertical take-off aircraft. He is the father of radio and television, and registered over seven hundred patents worldwide. His vision included exploration of solar energy and the power of the sea. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites. Brilliant! explores the enigma of a man who had a vision of bettering the world for humanity, yet whose relationships with others were strained; whose inventions literally outshone his those of his mentor (and later, his rival) Thomas Edison, yet whose name lingers far below Edison's in history books; whose unconventional approach to problems made him a pioneer in many fields and earned millions of dollars for others, yet whose ultimately tragic life ended penniless. Who was Brilliant!

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