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Would you like to; be confident; be able to say 'no' and feel OK about it; be aware of the choices available; be solution focussed, calm and controlled; And learn some great skills to pass on to your kids? If so, this book is definitely for YOU.
Parenting is not an idea, concept or belief. It's a process and therefore is neither static nor fixed in time that results in something special being created. The Parents' Handbook provides you with tools, techniques, insights and approaches to improve the way you communicate, to be available emotionally and physically and to successfully fulfill the different roles expected of you as a parent.
Considered by many to be the most thought provoking and exciting book ever written for parents 'Liberating Parents' shows you how to recognise and free yourself from limitations in your thinking that you have been encouraged to accept throughout your life. You can only give what you have. When you are free you will relate to children through that freedom. For more information you can visit my website at . If you want to discuss any aspects of the book please join us at the Liberating Parents facebook group at
The biggest commitment and responsibility that a parent faces, is that of guiding and educating their children, so they can live their lives with integrity and full of happiness. Daily we walk a tightrope trying to keep the balance between instilling in them the values that are important to us, protecting them from "bad experiences," and giving them the necessary freedom to develop their social abilities and widen their horizons. In the age in which we live, it gets harder every day to isolate our children from what we could consider (from our own points of view) as bad influences. Television, the Internet, cellular phones, as well as their groups of social influence at school and in their after school activities expose them to an avalanche of information that we might perceive as harmful, and that we (even tough we might want to do it some times), cannot filter for them 24 hours a day. Learning to use Neuro Linguistic Programming with a responsible and experienced instructor and/or through texts like this, expands our own perception of reality and helps us communicate more effectively and directly with our children, helping us this way in expanding the perception of reality that our children have copied from us and exposing them to a world of new and positive experiences that will enrich their lives and will help turn them into happy and successful human beings in the path they choose for their future
NLP is a powerful personal change/communication model, based on solid theoretical footings - psychology, physiology, systems theory and communication. Six typical NLP processes are described that anyone - managers, parents, coaches, etc. - can use to help themselves or others to be more resourceful, be more aware of their actions on others or to undertake interesting and challenging opportunities.
Parenting and communication with children can seem so easy one moment and so challenging the next. Why is that? And why is your well-meant comment sometimes received completely differently than the way you intended it? How can you address your child's behaviour and affect change in a respectful efficient way? These and many other questions are addressed in this practical workbook by providing you insight into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) communication techniques. NLP consists of models and methods to influence behaviour and change through the use of language and other types of communication. For example, the content of a message can be accurate, but if your message is not conveyed using the right style, your child may not respond the way you anticipated. The style of your message should be aligned with the situation and receiver. Authors Marianne Langemeijer and daughter Julia Sorensen selected 30 efficient NLP tools and provide useful examples on how these can be tailored towards communication with children. With over 40 excercises the workbook also provides a hands-on and practical way to experience the tools and their effects in real-life. Adopting and integrating the NLP tools into your daily communication supports the creation of harmony and mutual understanding when interacting with children. "Grant yourself the knowledge and the adventure to experience more freedom in your thinking, actions and communication style."
NLP FOR TEACHERS empowers teachers to rediscover the power of teaching via human excellence towards Quality Literacy for All. It is a means to manipulate human-building approaches via tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as practice for developing Total Quality Student (TQS) as one of the initiatives of any school with the approach of unleashing the power of success and happiness for teachers, students and parents, in particular. The author, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, encapsulates his wide experience of over thirty years of teaching and learning to pace the quality initiatives of WOW feature for schools, making every student a PRIDE to the human race, with the power of human excellence as a priority to face the model challenges of tomorrow, with a smile on their faces.

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