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After the publication of Dan Millman's first two books, which have since become classics in the realm of spiritual literature, many readers responded with thanks and questions, saying: "I was inspired by your first two stories — but how do you apply all these lessons in daily life?" Millman's answer came in the form of his third book, aptly titled, No Ordinary Moments. Containing perspectives, principles and specific practices that formed the core of "the peaceful warrior's way" — too much information to convey in a narrative story format as he had done in his first books — so he wrote his first comprehensive "guide to daily life." Structured in five parts — The Peaceful Warrior's Way – Up the Mountain Path – Tools for Transformation – The Battle Within – and The Expanded Life — and containing chapters with titles like Heart of the Warrior's Way… In the Arena of Daily Life … When the Going Gets Tough … Getting Real … Universal Addictions … The Will to Change and many more, the book has guided hundreds of thousands of people. As Millman puts it: Our lives are like a journey up a mountain path. As we climb, we face challenges in relationships and sexuality, money, work and health. We can find abundant information and advice on these subjects. So many of us know what to do, but it remains for us to turn knowing into doing." Dan Millman presents a peaceful warrior's approach to turning intentions into action, challenges into strength, and life experience into wisdom. Based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change our world, No Ordinary Moments offers simple, practical ways to balance the body, liberate the mind, accept our emotions and open our hearts.
Presents the author's personal account of his spiritual quest to unite the diverse realms of body, mind, and spirit by combining Eastern philosophy with Western fitness routines to become an example of the peaceful warrior.Now a major motion picture from Lionsgate starring Nick Nolte.
A young boy nearly paralyzed in a car accident runs for the first time in his life during a baseball game. A refugee family from despoiled East Africa plays soccer in my suburban backyard on Thanksgiving Day. A group of college boys is challenged to a game of basketball against the women’s varsity team in an empty gym, then another on a tough inner city court. I hit the first homerun of my life when I am thirty-three years old. These are Ordinary Games. This is a book of pure inspiration. Many of the sporting world’s most profound achievements and displays of humanity are never recorded. They happen on sandlots, asphalt, and backyards. Stories of well-known athletes and teams abound in popular literature – what is missing is an exaltation of the moments that can happen to any of the rest of us - and do. Ordinary Games is the grandstand for everyday miracles. This is an inspirational book that shows how any one of us can transcend possibility or lighten life’s burdens simply by picking up a ball. It is a collection of poignant memoirs of games played without grandstands. Some of the stories relive everyday miracles, while others find the souls of players ascending into the spirits of the games they play. They tell of the glory, despair, and humanity that can be found any afternoon or evening, at any playground, gym, or empty field. The tone is frequently humorous, but the tenor is deeply and genuinely human. While the primary themes involve overcoming impossible odds, secondary themes focus on overcoming common misperceptions. Throughout the narrative, these pieces explore racial and gender divides (including a history of violent separatism) with subtlety, grace, realization, respect, and the common language of competition. The vantage point is wholly familiar, yet new and fresh. My voice is that of a mediocre athlete who can hold his own (but to save his life cannot run fast), and whose sensibilities ignite when the game is on. This familiarity and intensity let readers watch and play at the same time, and hardly notice the difference. Something in each chapter has happened to them, too, and is worth remembering.
Two young boys are standing over a huge pile of horse manure out next to the barn. The first kid says, “Wow! What a mess. It sure does stink!” His friend next to him says, “Cool! There must be a pony around here somewhere!” So which are you — the pessimist or the optimist? From the first story to the last, you will find words and ideas that allow you to take a different point of view from where you are standing. You will find ways to open your mind each day and to create the desires that have been inside you since birth. You will give yourself permission to step up to the way God intended for you to live in this lifetime. No matter what the circumstance, you always have a choice to turn any chaos around to achieve contentment, joy, and abundance. You can read this book from start to finish, or you can simply take a deep breath and turn to the page that offers a message you most need at this moment. Trust the process, trust yourself, and know there are no mistakes. You are exactly where you should be this moment. Start from where you are because that is where your power lies. Enjoy my words from my heart to yours.
Cindy Martin is a college professor, writer, Pentecostal Christian and a transsexual. She breaks every stereotype of the transgendered. She is a devout Christian and a consummate academic. Her life is remarkable in that it is unremarkable. In this book she speaks of her transition through short stories and essays, most of which were written during her transition. Taken as a whole they present the reader with a "real time" memoir of an ordinary transsexual who is also a woman of faith. Can Christian Transsexuals exist? Cindy Martin makes a compelling case for answering "Yes."
This book is about my awakening, my gift. I wrote it as a sort of outlet, a place to gather my thoughts and emotions and see them all in one place. It is by no means the end of my journey, only the beginning; the ending is mine to write based on an accumulation of moments. When I first wrote it, I was just going to put it on a shelf and use it as a page mark in my life but decided, after speaking with some beautiful people, to make it available to whomever might benefit from it. It’s just me and my perspective. There is no right way; there is only your way. My hope is that this book might help others and, if the time is right, maybe help begin their awakened adventure. Trust your journey and respect those who journey around you. Peace and much love.
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