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Antoinette Portis again captures the thrill of when pretend feels so real that it becomes real. With a stick in hand, the options are endless—whether it's conducting an orchestra, painting a masterpiece, or slaying a dragon—give a child a stick and let imagination take over and the magic begin.
Sometimes the past cannot be forgotten... Margaret Thornton writes a heartrending saga in A Stick of Blackpool Rock - the story of a young mother escaping the past, only to have it catch up with her again. Perfect for fans of Maureen Lee and Lyn Andrews. 'A brilliant read' - Woman's Realm For several years Ellen Bamber has helped her mother run a sweet stall on Preston Market. But by night she has suffered the violence of her drunken husband, tolerating his abuse for the sake of their two young children, Rachel and George. Then, following an evening's excessive drinking, William falls into the path of a hansom cab and dies, and Ellen can't help feeling that her silent prayers have been answered. But a few days after William's funeral Ellen discovers that her husband was not only violent but also unfaithful, and the knowledge of his illegitimate child tears her apart. Even when she moves her family to Blackpool and Ellen sets up in the rock-making industry and remarries, she still fears that one day the legacy of William's misconduct will destroy the happiness she and her children have fought so hard to achieve... What readers are saying about A Stick of Blackpool Rock: 'Would recommend this book, got totally engrossed in it' 'I loved it, didn't want to put it down each night - It had a bit of everything' 'Five stars'
He notices there is writing on the paper. "Oh, the poem, you could not finish Magos." Magellan begins reading the poem. "The book to be, is the one to be written. Just as the cat to be, comes from the kitten. For the way has been shown by the light. The law of nature is within sight." "For it comes fast like the wind. It has a beginning, but is there an end? Evil can be defeated, once truth comes and is seated." "Call on the power up high. To come shine light through the sky. Known as the power and when spoken, comes out of the darkness, webs to be broken." Journey to the island of Nevis in 1806 and explore the life of a wizard's apprentice. Magos the Wizard appoints Magellan to be his apprentice, believing Magellan has the potential to exceed him in tapping into the magic wand's capabilities. And through a series of adventures, Magellan learns the true purpose of the magic wand.
A desperate quest begins in the port of Alexandria: site of the great lighthouse, the famous Library, and the tomb of Alexander the Great. Codes, riddles, anagrams and hieroglyphics lead the young detectives down the river Nile to pyramids and sphinxes, temples and tombs, crocodiles and hippos. But what lies at the end of the journey? Treasure? Or death?
Many of the people I counseled would ask what they could do if they got stuck, again. They wanted to know if there was something they could do on their own instead of coming back to counseling. They asked me to give them some background on how I was able to help them resolve their conflicts and provide them with a step-by-step guide to repair their relationships again. This book is the response to that request. The book is based on the ZG method which I used in counseling for over ten years. This isn't a book of helpful hints from some expert; rather it promotes change by asking future-oriented questions so the participants can find their own solutions. Following this method is as simple as following the script with over thirty sample questions to choose from. Directions are given on what to say and what not to say. Other parts of the book stress how to stay positive and utilize a person's strengths through the whole process. The theory behind the ZG method is discussed and the actual mechanics of the method are explained in great detail. The book talks about positive change and how to bring it about, using many examples. It explains in great detail, using a step-by-step format, how to use the ZG method at home and in the workplace to resolve conflicts. Another advantage of using this method is that it doesn't go to the past and revisit past hurts, so it isn't a painful experience. Whether you need to work on your own relationships or you would like to help someone else with relationship conflicts, this book is very helpful.
"Compiled from Official gazette. Beginning with 1876, the volumes have included also decisions of United States courts, decisions of Secretary of Interior, opinions of Attorney-General, and important decisions of state courts in relation to patents, trade-marks, etc. 1869-94, not in Congressional set." Checklist of U. S. public documents, 1789-1909, p. 530.

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