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Waitress and single mom Jessica "Jessie" Mann doubts a carefree dreamer like Jack can provide the financial stability she needs. But she doesn't know that he is heir to the Morrison luxury hotel empire--and Jack's daring charade may rob him of the holiday wish he wants most of all.
Under The Garden Tree – book 1 Tracy has some difficult choices to make that will impact not only her future, but the future of her friends. Will she take the easy route to please others? Or will she choose to be wild and adventurous with the man everyone believes will ruin her life? Tracy is not convinced that her friends know what kind of life she really dreams of having. Then again, Tracy herself might not know yet either! When a tragic accident happens, everything changes. Will the accident impact Tracy’s decision regarding which man she chooses for her future? Will she choose her own husband or will the accident force her hand? Growing Love – Book 2 Nikki is busy painting and preparing for her upcoming gallery show. Even while Nikki is enjoying her life, the topic of forgiveness continues to challenge her. Secrets of the past threaten to sabotage Nikki’s future happiness. Will the people who taught her how to forgive others be able to forgive her once those secrets are revealed?
Crime reporter Lacy Erikson struggles with the accidental death of her husband and the feeling that God betrayed her. Then an unusual murder puts her in the path of former police officer Michael Lindahl. A gorgeous hunk of a man with a rocky past, Mike rekindles Lacy's desires, showing her a future she never imagined. How can she not love a man who makes his own marshmallows? But first Mike and Lacy must learn to trust—in each other as well as the Lord. Recipe included. OTHER TITLES by S.J MacIver Cinnamon Girl Ghost of a Chance
This set contains all three books of the Billionaire's Fake Dating Game. Begin falling in love all over again! Book One: Abbie Tell has had it with men, especially since the last one she dated kept track of the miles on her car with a spreadsheet. After leaving her oppressive home behind to make it as an artist, Abbie has sworn that she will remain single and create a life for herself. But when she risks losing her art gallery and having to go back home, Abbie is desperate. To pay her bills, she must become an artist to the stunning billionaire Thomas Maxwell. That's fine—except that it turns out Thomas is also in trouble. Known for being hot, single, and adventurous, Thomas must look like he's settling down with a woman in order to inherit the family business. And Abbie's the best candidate. So what's the solution? Fake dating! It's only an act, after all, and Abbie swears she will never fall for Thomas... Book Two: Despite her vows to stay single and independent, Abbie Tell finds herself getting more involved than ever in super billionaire Thomas Maxwell's fake dating ploy. With the family business on the line, Thomas has upped the game--and now Abbie is Thomas's fake fiancee. It's still just a business deal, according to Thomas. Only it's not. Abbie has feelings for Thomas and she's getting the sense that Thomas is taking this further for reasons other than business. That would be great, but now Abbie's best friend hates her and her father's counting on her to marry Thomas so he can get his hands on the Maxwell family fortune. Abbie can back out whenever she wants--but she and Thomas share something deep, something Abbie has never experienced with another man, and even her fear of settling down may be no match for him. Book Three: Abbie has just broken some surprising news to Thomas—they're expecting their first child. With their fake marriage only one month away and Thomas's inheritance to be decided soon, Abbie and Thomas now face the prospect of parenthood. While Abbie is fearful that a baby will take away her identity, she wants to keep their child. But Thomas harbors a secret and it just may rip the two of them apart. Can Abbie and Thomas's love for each other conquer everything that life has thrown at them? The Billionaire's Fake Dating Game Box Set is a bundle of three humorous, contemporary romance reads.
A tale of love, greed, murder and very odd couples... Quintin Jardine introduces his readers to his unconventional sleuth, Oz Blackstone, in Blackstone's Pursuits - an engaging mystery of murder and wit. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and Peter James. 'The perfect mix for a highly charged, fast moving crime thriller' - Glasgow Herald When private enquiry agent Oz Blackstone takes on the job of finding an insurance company's missing half million, he's hoping for a healthy finder's fee, not a life-changing experience. But when he finds the corpse of the would-be embezzler with a knife in his back and no sign of the missing money, what had seemed like a routine job begins to look distinctly dodgy. Until the captivating Primavera 'Prim' Phillips arrives on the scene, wondering why she's being greeted not by her sister Dawn, but by Dawn's dead boyfriend and a rather nervous-looking private eye. For Oz, things are looking up. This is the kind of girl who's definitely worth pursuing. Especially if she knows where to get her hands on half a million pounds... What readers are saying about Blackstone's Pursuits: 'The wisecracking, disillusioned style is intriguing and fun and the action never flags' 'Well-crafted and gloriously far-fetched escapism' 'A terrific start to a great series!'
Imagine how tricky life would be if you gave out a massive static shock every time you touched anyone or anything. Well Alice Carter struggles with static build up so badly that getting through each day without a calamity is proving tough.Then one lunchtime, after getting caught up in a bank robbery, an attractive millionaire called Adam Warner begins to chat to Alice and invites her out on a date. Alice declines at first but, after several more attempts, she finally agrees knowing that the dates will be a disaster.However, as catastrophe looms, Alice's friends begin acting strangely, coordinating to cover up her static mishaps, plus an an usual detective who is immune t to her static keeps turning up to set her back on her feet.Could the worlds most bizarre police force be protecting Alice?If so protecting her from who?Something strange is happening to ordinary people in Great Britain. Weird traits are popping up with each new generation and no one knows why. These differences may seem unbelievable at first but follow the series and you will find science has a very real role to play here. These characteristics are all emerging for a reason. A reason that will knock your socks off.Prepare for madness and mayhem in these unusual books as Alice gets a supermodel stuck in a toilet, recruits an invisible dog, dodges a lightning strike and meets a chef with heat-proof hands.

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