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Through 19 Native American stories and various activities, children learn the invaluable lesson that all living things are intertwined.
Tunis Janssen Covert (1625-1692) sailed from Hempsteed, Holland arriving in New Amsterdam in 1651. Descendants live in New York, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and elswhere.
THE MAYA BOOK OF LIFE: UNDERSTANDING THE XULTUN TAROT is the companion book to the Xultun Tarot Classic Edition. It explores the archetypes and alchemy of the major arcana of the Xultun Tarot through indigenous teachings and the analytical psychology of C G Jung and casts new light on the meaning of 2012. The Xultun Tarot was created by Peter Balin in 1976 based on images from Maya history and culture. Taken from a single painting, it is the only tarot deck where the major arcana form a complete picture. This picture is a symbolic image of the alchemical marriage of spirit and matter and a map of what Jung called the individuation process. Only 500 copies of the original Xultun Tarot were ever printed. Now Kahurangi Press ( has recreated this classic, long out-of-print deck true to its original large size and vibrant colours together with a book that explains the profound symbolism of the cards. Michael Owen is a clinical psychologist in private practice and author of Jung and the Native American Moon Cycles. He lives in New Zealand.
An introductory guide for magicians to the complex system of the Qabalah and its symbolism
The author, a successful executive coach, shares her secrets to career happiness, sharing sample exercises, examples, and inspiring quotes designed to enlighten and entertain, as well as helping busy people find the proper balance between life and work. Original.
Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, k, p, e, i, t.

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