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A journalistic tour de force, this wide-ranging collection by the author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning biography Stilwell and the American Experience in China is a classic in its own right. During the summer of 1972—a few short months after Nixon’s legendary visit to China—master historian Barbara W. Tuchman made her own trip to that country, spending six weeks in eleven cities and a variety of rural settlements. The resulting reportage was one of the first evenhanded portrayals of Chinese culture that Americans had ever read. Tuchman’s observations capture the people as they lived, from workers in the city and provincial party bosses to farmers, scientists, and educators. She demonstrates the breadth and scope of her expertise in discussing the alleviation of famine, misery, and exploitation; the distortion of cultural and historical inheritances into ubiquitous slogans; news media, schools, housing, and transportation; and Chairman Mao’s techniques for reasserting the Revolution. This edition also includes Tuchman’s “fascinating” (The New York Review of Books) essay, “If Mao Had Come to Washington in 1945”—a tantalizing piece of speculation on a proposed meeting between Mao and Roosevelt that would have changed the course of postwar history. “Shrewdly observed . . . Tuchman enters another plea for coolness, intelligence and rationality in American Asian policies. One can hardly disagree.”—The New York Times Book Review
This book accompanies a small exploratory exhibition of early 21st Century Chinese works on paper curated by Marco Cali, Robert Priseman and Mengmeng Wang. The 17 artists represented in the book include Cai Longfei, Gao Hao, Gu Xiang, He Tianqi, He Yating, Hu Zuhao, Jiao Ye, Li Ma, Liao Zongrong, Liu De, Su Jie, Sunlei, Wang Chao, Wang Fenghua, Zhang Danni, Zhao Jia and Zhong Xiaojing.
Chinese students are the largest international student population in the world, and Japan attracts more of them than any other country. Since the mid-1980s when China opened the door to let private citizens out and Japan began to let more foreigners in, over 300 thousand Chinese have arrived in Japan as students. The majority of them enter Japan’s labor market and many have stayed on indefinitely. This book investigates this educationally channeled labor migration from China to Japan giving a comprehensive portrayal of an often neglected group of international migrants in a society that for decades has been considered a non-immigrant country. It examines the labor market outcomes of international student migration and explores how these outcomes contribute to our understanding of international migration and international education in an age of globalization.

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