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Yuma and Hotaru have been best friends and neighbors all their lives...but when they became lovers, things got a lot more complicated! Now, as Yuma tries to figure out her future, she also has to figure out how Hotaru fits into it. Just as Yuma comes to terms with her feelings, Hotaru vanishes! In this final volume, will the two girls end up together...or will they be split up forever?
Yuma is growing apart from her boyfriend...and into the arms of her best friend, Hotaru! But Hotaru has guy problems of her own when her boyfriend, Fujiwara, starts to suspect that Hotaru and Yuma may be more than BFFs. Will the girls be able to keep their hidden love on the down low?
Yuma said she wants to "practice" some more with Hotaru--but is that all she wants from her friend? Does Hotaru want anything to do with her? Entrance exams loom closer, yet Yuma is finding it harder to focus as her secret relationship gets more complicated than ever!
'" Life isn''t going so hot for Yuma after her break-up with Takeda. But things only get worse when Fujiwara snaps and intimate shot of her and Hotaru... and then asks to join in! To top it all off, Yuma finds out that Hotaru has a big secret she''s been hiding! Can Yuma handle the truth when it is finally revealed? Or will she run away? "'
'" Takeda catches Hotaru and Yuma together in a compromising situation, but he''s not exactly sure what it is he saw them doing. He''s not the only one who is confused. Yuma feels like Hotaru is just leading her on and yet she still can''t stop thinking about her friend. Will an overnight trip to the beach clear the air or make things even messier? "'

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