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Protecting your turf, keeping other guys from pawing at your girl, showing everyone who's boss--it's all in a day's work when you're a street thug...or a street cat!
Three shady thugs show up in Nekonaki, and they're taking over the town one rough-and-tumble tom at a time! To top it all off, as Ryuusei and the crew sharpen their claws for the next brawl, they get an unexpected visit from Taiga's exiled brother--the furmidable fighter Raiga!
All hell breaks loose for Ryuusei and Taiga when the Goblin Cat Tails' top cat shows up to the party, but there's something else about the calico boss that's got Ryuusei's tongue! With rumors of another uninvited rival going around, it'll take more than strong jellybean toes for the Nekonaki cats to protect their fish!
Nekonaki's ultimate duo-Taiga and Raiga-is back and ready to rumble! As Ryuusei and the town's brawniest thugs rush to capture the infiltrators, sly cats and traitors emerge from the rubble... ...and to top it off, they've got a ferocious weapon on their side-cat chow!
A catty free-for-all explodes in a warehouse on the outskirts of Nekonaki, thanks to the town's shady intel collector, Madara! Does a cornered Ryuusei have what it takes to survive Madara's clawful trap?!

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