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Best-selling author George Daniel shares expert tactics and techniques for a new generation of nymph anglers. He covers specialized equipment, flies, and presentations, focusing on advanced lessons and tips for anglers with a solid grasp of fundamentals. Important technique sequences and fly patterns are photographed in detail.
With fishing advice from such experts as Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Wade Bourne, Tom Rosenbauer, Kirk Deeter, Charlie Meyer, Conway Bowman, and Lamar Underwood, The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills, Tactics, and Techniques profiles all of the major gamefish in both fresh and salt water and reveals pro secrets on how to catch them. Learn how Roland Martin entices largemouths with striking lures. Study Bill Dance’s twenty tricks for consistently catching bass in thick weed beds or clear, open water. Want to know what Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyer have learned from their years of fly fishing for trout? How about Lamar Underwood’s tools for success? It’s all here, divided into sections on bass, trout, walleyes, pike-pickerel-muskellunge, panfish, salmon, steelhead, catfish, ice fishing, and salt water fishing for easy reference. You’ll also find sections on knot tying, boats and boating, comfort and safety on the water, and even delicious recipes for cooking your fresh caught fish. This volume also includes a classic reading section featuring stories from such fishing literary legends as Nick Lyons, Ted Leeson, John Taintor who remind us what fishing is really all about.
Strategies for fast, slow, dirty, high, or low water Using familiar patterns and techniques in unusual ways What to do when trout are uncooperative for no good reason What do you do when your best attempts to match the hatch and make drag-free-drift presentations fail? Ed Engle lets go of preconceived notions and allows the trout and river to inform him and you. He has found the best solutions to challenges that vex fly anglers everywhere, and he shares what he has learned in straightforward, no-nonsense lessons for finding and taking even the toughest trout
Volume I For the fly fisher seeking to catch more and bigger trout, fishing nymphs--patterns that mimic the larval stage of mayflies--can be a surefire approach. Nymphs: The Mayflies, the first volume in a totally revised edition of the 1973 original, is the singular authority on identifying the myriad species of mayfly larvae and tying imitations that will attract trout all across the country. Author Ernest G. Schwiebert spent the last fifty years of his life traveling, fishing, and gathering information on scores of mayfly species across the country. The 1973 edition of Nymphs set forth his initial findings. Now in this wholly revised and expanded form, Schwiebert's last work offers the reader exacting details of every major mayfly species for the sake of identification, along with recipes for dozens of fly patterns to imitate them. This new edition also contains numerous stories and anecdotes from Schwiebert's travels, some never set down in writing before, that further add to the understanding of how to choose, cast, and fish nymphs, and life.
Contact nymphing is the evolution of competition techniques adapted for use outside of competition for the everyday angler. It is one of the most effective and versatile fishing systems..This technique has technical advantages over other methods, permitting the execution of drag-free drifts. It also provides ultrasensitive strike detection and allows the fishing depth to be continuously changed through presentation. Its great versatility allows anglers to successfully fish complicated currents, as well as calm waters at long range with light nymphs..This book breaks down the learning process into a step-by-step approach. It explains the technique in an easy-to-understand manner, with the use of many instructional illustrations , shortening the learning curve. It presents innovative technical information and advanced techniques that will make the difference in your nymphing skills.In the first part of the book, you will find all the practical information you need to quickly start successfully fishing with this technique without needing a new rod or fly line. You will learn the following foundational principles of underwater fishing:. *Dynamics of dead drifts and drag forces *How to employ the right tension by reading the sighter *How to manage the sighter *Fishing at different depths without modifying the rig*How to fish riffles, runs, pockets, pools, slow runs, flats, and tail-outs.The second half of the book, is the advanced part, that gives you the tools you need to release the full potential of contact nymphing. You will learn the tactics and secrets used by the contact-nymphing experts.. *The specific tackle needed to increase success *How to manage the 3 entry angles for drift control. The entry angles compensation. *The 7 tools for drift and depth control to face any water type *Presentation corrections to modify sink rate and control surface tension *Induced-lift presentation to incite takes *Techniques for combining the contact rig with indicators, dry-droppers, and streamersAbout the author: .David Martin is the founder of Fly Fishing Evolution, aimed at providing high-quality technical training in fly-fishing subjects. David is fortunate to have been taught in contact nymphing by two gold medalists from the World Fly Fishing Championship. He has merged his passion for fishing and sharing knowledge into this comprehensive guide. Learning contact nymphing will increase your catch rate, and you will successfully fish water types you used to overlook. Be prepared by mastering the technique that is being used more every day.

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