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The age of the Dark Imperium has begun, and the human race is poised on the brink of ruin. In their darkest hour, the Emperor’s servants have achieved the impossible: the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. Now Lord Commander of the Imperium of Man, Guilliman marshals his forces in a desperate effort to drive back the predations of Chaos: the Indomitus Crusade. Dispatched ahead of the bulk of Guilliman’s war fleets, Chaplain Helios of the Ultramarines is entrusted by the risen primarch with a mission of vital importance. Will he achieve a crucial victory for Guilliman in time, or will a millennia-old obsession spell his doom? And just what manner of weapons will be needed to wage the war to save mankind?
Zachary Twamley, the host of the popular, When Diplomacy Fails podcast explores the role “Honour” played in Britain’s entry into World War I. The decision to enter the war in conjunction with France and Russia in 1914 was no a foregone conclusion. There were pro’s and con’s within the government to enter the war – and the German invasion of Belgium was not the final push to get Britain to declare war on Germany. Zach examines “Honor”, as was passed down from Victorian to Edwardian England as its role in the government’s final decision. Based on his award winning paper and his podcast, Zack explores the one of the factors that led to Britain’s road to war.

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