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A Proven, Step by Step Path to Consistently Finding Highly Profitable Off Market Real Estate Deals! My name is Jeff Leighton and in my book, Off Market Real Estate Secrets: The Underground Blueprint For Buying And Selling Off Market Deals I reveal my proven, step by step system that will help you find the best off market real estate deals. While you may think this is a bold statement, the truth is - most people have no idea these deals exist which means less competition AND enormous opportunities for YOU. These tactics and strategies WILL transform your real estate business. My book is full of proven yet rarely used marketing strategies that are successful in any market when used correctly. I have witnessed the incredible profit potential of off market real estate deals by working with some of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the country as well as doing my own highly profitable off market deals. Here is a preview of what you will learn when you purchase Off Market Real Estate Secrets: - How to revolutionize your real estate business by using 7 different exit strategies - A proven step by step system that you can copy and use in any market - How to create an unstoppable marketing campaign for off market properties at significant discounts using one of the 19 strategies covered - How to outsource your business so that it runs on autopilot - How to build your real estate dream team - How to build a list of thousands of investors in your own backyard - Plus much, much, more! PURCHASE your copy today! To order Off Market Real Estate Secrets, click the BUY button and download your copy right now!
Navigate through the world of investment with this overview and dynamic collection of Real Estate Strategies. Learn how to make other people’s money Work for You! Utilize the time, money and effort Colin made in building his real estate portfolio by learning the 6 main strategies to start or build your real estate empire with mostly other peoples money! In this investment guide book, Colin covers and outlines the 6 best investment strategies for beginning and intermediate investors! This book covers Property Wholesaling, Partnering, Lease-Option strategies, Home Equity Loans & L.O.C, BRRRR Strategy and Vendor Take Backs!
Canadian real estate investors often hear about real estate cycles, yet very few people can describe what they are and how to actually use them to one's advantage. The Canadian Investor's Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will show Canadian investors the ins and outs of the various phases of the real estate cycle, such as boom, slump and recovery, in order to equip them with the knowledge to make practical and informed decisions about their portfolios. Written by Canada's top-selling real estate investor and author Don Campbell and Kieran Trass, a leading expert on real estate cycles, the book will drill down into the various causes that affect real estate trends, such as local and global economics, population migration, employment levels, affordability of rental housing, real estate listings and other factors, to provide a scientific basis for assessing current trends and where those trends are heading. Complete with charts, checklists, and real-life stories, The Canadian Investor's Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will be an indispensable guide for all investors.
Learn how to find properties, buy without a down payment, make money on residential real estate, create a source of income from rental properties, and how to use eBay and the internet to invest in real estate.
Barely one in a hundred businesspeople knows these facts about creating powerful advertising. Do You? FACT! Sixty percent of people read only headlines. Your headline must stop them or your advertising will likely fail. FACT! Captions under photos get 200 percent greater readership than non-headline copy. FACT! Ads with sale prices draw 20 percent more attention. FACT! Half-page ads pull about 70 percent of full-page ads; quarter-page ads pull about 50 percent of full-page ads. FACT! Four-color ads are up to 45 percent more effective than black and white. New York’s biggest ad agencies use dozens of these little-known secrets every day to influence people to buy. And now—thanks to Cashvertising—you can, too. And it won’t matter one bit whether you’re a corporate giant or a mom-and-pop pizza shop. These techniques are based on human psychology. They work no matter where you’re located, no matter what kind of product or service you sell, and no matter where you advertise. In fact, most don’t cost a penny to use. Like a wild roller-coaster ride through the streets of Madison Avenue, Cashvertising teaches you the tips, tricks, and strategies that New York’s top gun copywriters and designers use to persuade people to buy like crazy. No matter what you sell—or how you sell it, this practical, fast-paced book will teach you: How to create powerful ads, brochures, sales letters, Websites, and more How to make people believe what you say “Sneaky” ways to persuade people to respond Effective tricks for writing “magnetic” headlines What mistakes to all costs! What you should always/never do in your ads Expert formulas, guidance, tips and strategies
The Real Estate Investing Guide Just for Agents If you′re a real estate agent, your knowledge of the industry can give you a big leg–up when it comes to investing. Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents shows you how to maximize your returns using your special, insider knowledge of listings, local markets, and trends, as well as your connections with local buyers and sellers. In this one–of–a–kind guide, Walter Sanford shows you not only how your experience as an agent can aid your investing, but also how investing can make you a better agent––leading to more customers, listings, and sales. Filled with all the tools you need to combine and improve your skills as an investor and agent, this practical, hands–on resource includes more than 100 handy forms, checklists, and worksheets––all designed to help you make wise decisions, spot bargains, and manage properties with a minimum of risk. Inside, you′ll find unbeatable advice on: ∗ Insider tactics for obtaining investment financing ∗ Using your natural advantages as an agent to find great properties ∗ Working honestly and ethically as both an agent and an investor ∗ Tapping into your lead generation skills to invest better ∗ Performing due diligence the way only an agent can ∗ Insider tenant acquisition tactics that really work More and more agents are putting their skills to use in investing––and making it payoff big. If you want to learn how to use your inside knowledge and experience to find and purchase properties with great money–making potential, Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents will put you on course for investing success.
Everything real estate investors need to know about finding, financing, and closing real estate investment deals Navigating the complexities of real estate financing can be a major obstacle for the real estate investment novice. Now this quick-reference guide arms them with a road map for finding, evaluating, and financing golden investment opportunities. From due diligence made easy, to writing winning loan proposals, to successfully negotiating with sellers, to making sense of closing statements, Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments covers all the bases. Using dozens of annotated forms and checklists, Frank Gallinelli tells you what you need to know about: Selecting the best real estate investments for individual investor needs What lenders are really looking for in real estate investors Creating winning loan presentations Closing statements and what to expect when the deal is sealed
Outlines how to achieve financial independence and successful self-employment through property investment, discussing such topics as screening potential partners, utilizing research tools, and setting up maintenance and rent collection systems.
How to buy low and sell high in real estate Yes, timing is everything. In the real estate market, that means buying in markets that are ready to take off and cashing out before prices crash. In Timing the Real Estate Market, millionaire real estate entrepreneur Craig Hall reveals to America's 17 million real estate investors his secrets for maximizing profits, by knowing when to buy, when to sell, and what to do in between. Following Hall's savvy advice, real estate investors will learn: The seven major trends affecting real estate prices How to predict when real estate prices are poised to increase How to capture maximum profits by knowing when to sell How to add value to a property while waiting for the real estate market to pick up How to survive during a downturn--until the next market upswing
What are your thoughts about your career as a real estate agent? 70% of all real estate agents quit the business within 18 months! Its true. Yet, only 3% of all agents ever reach the ranks of the top producers. What about you? What are your thoughts about your career as a real estate agent? Are you satisfied with your sales performance? Do you wish you could do better? Do you watch one or two star performers in your community and wonder how they do it? If you are a new agent, how would you like to avoid the bad habits that slow people down and shorten your learning curve to success? If you are a veteran agent, how would you like to enhance your current success and bring your real estate career to a whole new level? Now you can! Secrets to Real Estate Success shows you how to develop the mindset and hone the high-impact habits that will propel you to the top. Are you ready for your new life? We know youre busy. We know you have lots of clients to take care of, and you have a family, too. Thats why Jerry designed this book so its a quick and easy read. He purposely kept each chapter short, so you can quickly read it while youre in your car, in between appointments, or waiting for your client to arrive. Each chapter covers one key area you need to improve upon to reach that top 3%. Where appropriate, you will find action items, exercises, and scripts so you can embark on your new journey prepared and confident. By utilizing the information in this book and practicing it consistently, you will reach that elusive 3%. Whether youre a real estate pro looking to reach the next level, or a newbie fresh out of school and looking for reliable information, this book will give you the edge you need. Youll sell more homes, work fewer hours, and have more fun in the process. Sure, it will take some work on your part initially, but the rewards will be worth it.
IS YOUR PORTFOLIO PICTURE POOR? Why do some people almost always make money in home staging or interior redesign while others struggle? Do your efforts to promote your services implode during the presentation? Are you always losing out to your competitors? At last help for struggling home stagers and redesigners has arrived. These are visual businesses, so it behooves consultants to develop a strong portfolio that speaks favorably about their talent, their knowledge, their expertise, their background and their uniqueness. This is no easy task. Staging Portfolio Secrets helps readers pull out their strengths, gather powerful statistics about themselves, pull together distinctive photos to highlight their talents and display critical information to impress the most discerning prospects. Don t let your portfolio destroy your confidence and opportunities for success. Learn the secrets the most successful consultants don t want you to know. Make every prospect believe in you and trust you immediately. Watch your business grow and your referrals explode. Now you can take your home staging and redesign business to much higher, bigger, better, more profitable yields or results by creating the professional credentials and visuals so vital to attracting new clients. Best selling author, Barbara Jennings, of the Academy of Staging and Redesign hosted at Decorate-Redecorate.Com reveals it all. To build a large clientele takes a thought provoking, visual presentation so that potential clients can see and understand the many talents and services the consultant offers. Great presentations do the work for you but only if they incorporate the right types of information and highlight your personal strengths and attributes. Staging Portfolio Secrets identifies, addresses and explains the following topics: Secrets to building a six figure home staging and redesign business; Discovering your accomplishments and defining them with power; New ways of thinking in the 21st century; Keys to success and door bangers that lead to failure; Pulling together your strengths in compelling ways; Pulling together your biographical information in succinct ways; Writing copy that sells your talents so you don't have to; The all important referral letter - how to write it and how to use it; Getting past the gatekeeper and to the top real estate agents, home owners and executives; Preparing for the interviews and how to present yourself boldly; The referral interview that leads to new clients; Dress codes for interviews - what works and what to avoid; Interpreting face language so you can adapt to others instantly; Tips for photos and more; How to shoot the best, most effective photos; Using humor in your presentations; Getting testimonials and Letters of Reference; Using success stories effectively; How to use your portfolio effectively and efficiently; Presentation cases; Layout and design ideas; Using the web to promote your portfolio; 16 useful forms for consultations and testimonials; Bonuses and Concluding Remarks By understanding and following the concepts and precepts outlined in this guide, readers will be empowered to create brilliant presentations second to none that highlight and showcase their talents, knowledge and experience. In an ever increasingly competitive world, this guide will help readers hone in on talents and expertise they don't even know they have so that regardless of their experience, they will be able to impress anyone who sees their portfolio. As always, the author's writing style is personable and conversational and the perfect complement to other training she has offered to home stagers, giving them every upside advantage in the marketplace. "
Would you like to be able to live off passive income? Do you believe that real estate could be the key to your success? Are you just starting out and need professional advice? Some of the wealthiest people on the planet have made their money through investing in real estate. It is one of the few ways that you can almost guarantee that you will make a return on investment and for those who would like to earn a passive income while having the least to do, it can be the perfect choice. In this book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: Ultimate Beginner Guide to Create a Passive Income from Apartments and Commercial Real Estate, you will get an in-depth view into the real estate market and how you could make your own small fortune through: How to get started investing in real estate Passive income ideas Buying apartment buildings with no money at all Increasing the value of properties Commercial real estate investing The differing types of investments And much more... You may have previously believed that it is impossible to get into the real estate market without a sizeable chunk of cash at your disposal. Real Estate Investing Secrets dispels that myth and provides you with expert advice that will set you on your way to making a passive income you can live off forever. Get a copy and start investing now!
The fact is information is power. And, the truth is there’s lots of financial advice available. Unfortunately, it’s often either too confusing or biased. The Seven S.E.C.R.E.T.S. of the Money Masters cuts through the clutter, clearly presenting the seven most important questions you must be able to answer before making any investment decision. The book offers you some of the information that true money masters know, understand, and use to their advantage—but that hasn’t necessarily been passed along to the rest of us. Engaging and informative, the book: Shines a light on the much broader issues of attaining wealth and getting your retirement plans back on track Offers access to the S.E.C.R.E.T.S. website which includes additional resources and access to exclusive debt reduction software The Seven S.E.C.R.E.T.S. of Money Masters goes where most personal finance books –and financial advisors – fear to tread, revealing the S.E.C.R.E.T.S. of Safety, Expense, Cash Flow, Rate of Return, Economy, Tax Efficiency and (common) Sense.
Praise for Emerging Real Estate Markets "In this book, you'll discover how to snatch real estate opportunities at low prices, before their value becomes common knowledge. Buy all the copies on the bookshelf before your competitor does!" --Frank McKinney, "The Maverick Daredevil Real Estate Entrepreneur" and author of Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success "I've never seen another real estate book even come close to laying out a profit road map the way this one does. If your local economy is too hot or too cold, Lindahl's guide will show you how to invest in the up-and-coming markets with the greatest profit potential." --Stacy Kellams, President, "Lindahl shows you how to look into the future and see where the next hot real estate markets will be. It's the closest thing I've found to a real estate crystal ball." --Jeff Adams, President, "The brilliant thing about this book is Lindahl's approach to investing by 'remote control.' He has a real-world system for living in one place and making money from investments in another." --William Bronchick, attorney and coauthor of Flipping Properties "In the crowded field of real estate gurus, Lindahl stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. This book is must reading for any serious investor--beginner or veteran." --Justin Ford, author of Seeds of Wealth and Main Street Millionaire
Real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle in this country. Real estate flipping refers to the practice of finding a property that is for sale -- usually priced below-market -- and then selling it soon after it is bought for a quick profit. Finally there's a comprehensive, no-nonsense book that teaches you everything you need to build wealth through flipping properties quickly, legally, and ethically. You don't need great credit, a real estate license, or large sums of capital or experience to get started. There has never been a better time to invest in real estate than today. This new book offers first-time and returning real estate investors tactics for making a fortune. Even if you have little or no money, you can find success in real estate investing by 'flipping'. Flipping properties can be a part-time or full-time business for anybody. You will learn all of the paperwork involved in real estate transactions, including deeds, mortgages, contracts, notes, and titles; new FHA regulations; how to begin investing with little or no cash; locate opportunities; work with real estate agents; increase curb appeal; locate the financing you need; and most importantly, purchase properties for pennies on the dollar and prepare them for a quick sale. The book is loaded with case studies and success stories -- from real people. You will uncover secrets that expert real estate investors use every day. This comprehensive resource contains a wealth of modern tips and strategies for getting started in this very lucrative area of real estate investing
This book explains everything you need to know to locate and purchase real estate bargains from banks, public auctions, and other sources. It will guide you through every step of the process including finding properties, negotiating, and closing on your first deal.
If Americans think the money theyve been able to salvage from the retirement savings meltdown caused by the recent financial crisis is theres to keep, theyd better think again! Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment exposes how our broken financial system will affect everyones retirement, whether you are already in retirement, nearing retirement or more than a decade or two away. Once the secrets have been revealed, you will be shown the best ways to build, protect and fully enjoy your wealth as well as how to pass your hard-earned assets to your heirs with minimum erosion and taxation.
Bestselling author Jason R. Rich joins forces with top credit experts to bring you this insider’s guide to credit. Revealing jaw-dropping secrets, strategies and tools, Rich and his team of industry insiders show you how to get out from under any credit crunch, and get back in control of your financial future—in less than 12 months! Discover how to increase your credit score, remove incorrect and negative information from your credit reports, rebuild destroyed credit, and ultimately, save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars every month! • Boost your credit scores and overall rating • Work with collection agencies, creditors, and lenders to pay off debts and overcome past mistakes • Get the best rates on credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages and start saving • Avoid the most common financial and credit-related mistakes made by millions • Learn how to identify and avoid “credit repair” and “credit score boosting” scams • And more Includes worksheets, exclusive interviews with credit experts and supplemental resources!

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