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THE STORY: Bo Groden looks back on the summer when she was eleven years old and everything changed. Serving as narrator, she sifts through the memories of an unusual childhood spent in the wilds of northern New Mexico where her enterprising parents
Off the map began its life as a 98-page half-size zine, of which 50 copies were made by its two authors in Prague and given out to friends. A few months later in Olympia, Wash., CrimethInc. agents happened upon one of the authors making a few more copies, and she gave them a copy. One day later, a search was underway to find the author and get permission to copy and distribute the publication. Both authors became actively involved with CrimethInc., and since then CrimethInc has distributed thousands of copies. Cf. CrimethInc. website.
Today’s global economy is yesterday’s empire. Imperialism in whatever guise is the same through time, penetrating every area of our lives, affecting whole cultures as well as the deep core of individuals. And maps have been the tools of empire, defining the territory to be exploited. Off The Map is a unique exploration of globalization. Part history, part autobiography, and part fiction, it weaves together the history of the last 300 years of Western imperialism, the author’s own story of sexual abuse in the 1950s, and a present-day horseback ride through the recently colonized Chicano world of New Mexico. The author takes us with her as she travels "off the map" through the ancestral lands of her friend and travelling companion Snowflake Martinez, describing the Chicano people’s struggle to survive the onslaught of a globalized world, and the ways in which that struggle has been replicated countless times. In a different voice, she reveals scenes from her childhood, her grandparents adorning themselves with artifacts symbolic of the British Empire, and her medical doctor father raping both her and her brother for 12 years. The political is deeply personal. And hope, according to Glendinning, resides in our creating new maps that chart worlds fashioned by love and respect for community, place, and nature. "A dazzling contribution to the critical study of globalization (qua imperialism)."—Devon Peña, author of Chicano Culture, Ecology, Politics: Subversive Kin Chellis Glendinning is a psychologist and award-winning author whose works include the acclaimed My Name is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization, and When Technology Wounds, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. A pioneer in the field of ecopsychology, her specialty is the ecological and human costs of technological progress. She lives in rural New Mexico, where she works with Chicano and Native people for environmental justice and cultural preservation.
Scott Richardson is one superstitious bastard. After a decade of training rescue dogs to weather the worst storms, Scott has seen it all. Good luck, bad luck — he knows that a large part of survival is being in the right place at the right time. Which is why he’s determined to stay in the right far away from his cursed ex-girlfriend as possible. Carrie Morlock is a disaster waiting to happen. An inveterate risk taker and skilled helicopter pilot, Carrie lives life on the edge. It’s her job to push boundaries and take chances — and it’s a job she does well, even if her ex fails to appreciate it. Too bad Scott won’t have much of a choice when one of his beloved dogs goes missing on a rescue mission. As danger rises and their luck runs out, she’s the only one willing to risk her life — and her heart — to save them. (41,000 words)
She needed to find her bliss Habitual accommodator Tessa Wright is a mess. And no amount of diplomacy will get back what she wants: Her swishy banking job. Her AWOL husband. The comfortable—albeit lackluster—life she once slipped into like a shadow. Now faced with forging a new life map, Tessa agrees to share a palatial Costa Rican vacation home with Kate, her former boss. Could it be the one-way path to bliss they both crave?But the gorgeous Playa Blanca house perched over the ocean hides more revelations—and inhabitants—than Tessa ever anticipated. Suddenly she must make a decision that teaches her an age-old truth she never would have learned back home: Sometimes achieving happiness means following your own compass…no matter where it takes you.
A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People: The tale of the famous expedition of Lewis and Clark, condensed from their own eight-volume journals for young historians Lewis and Clark’s famous 1804 expedition was told with great detail by the explorers themselves in an eight-volume account. Now young historians have the opportunity to learn the thrills, challenges, and adventures in a version accessible for them. Two years’ worth of entries are condensed into a flowing account that maintains the historical essence of the original. With a fact-filled prologue and epilogue, young readers can relive the adventurous eight-thousand-mile journey across uncharted wilderness.

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