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Rules for Raising Little Girls "As the father of a daughter, I wish I'd read this very funny book sooner, if only to know that it's OK for a grown man to wear a tutu." - Dave Barry "Required reading for any parent who doesn't know pants from leggings." - Dan Zevin, author of Dan Gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad It's easy to imagine how you'd raise a boy--all the golf outings, lawnmower lessons, and Little League championships you'd attend--but playing dad to a little princess may take some education. In Oh Boy, You're Having a Girl, Brian, a father of three girls, shares his tactics for surviving this new and glittery world. From baby dolls and bedtime rituals to potty training and dance recitals, he leads you through all the trials and tribulations you'll face as you're raising your daughter. He'll also show you how to navigate your way through tough situations, like making sure that she doesn't start dating until she's fifty. Complete with commandments for restroom trips and properly participating in a tea party, Oh Boy, You're Having a Girl will brace you for all those hours playing house--and psych you up for the awesomeness of raising a daughter who has you lovingly wrapped around her little finger. "Somehow, Brian Klems has taken one of the most traumatic situations known to a father--having a daughter--and made it into something so completely hilarious you'll laugh until you've got oxygen deprivation!" - W. Bruce Cameron, author of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
For the Special Tween Girl in Your Life Do you remember what it felt like to be a tween—those awkward, uncomfortable yet exciting years from eight-to-twelve? Bestselling author Elizabeth George does and she wants to share some thoughts to help your tween daughter (or granddaughter) not only survive, but thrive during this important time in her life. Each of these, short, easy-to-read devotions (over 100+) cover every part of a tween girl's world, including Creating strong friendships Having healthy self-esteem Choosing to follow Jesus Making smart decisions Developing good work habits Girls will treasure this unique devotional. If you want to encourage a tween to truly become a girl after God's own heart, this book is a great place to start!
This book is a factual and fictional story about parents who make twins. It explains about the twins’ development over the course of the pregnancy and the processes involved, along with a fictional and interesting story.
2011. Isabel Montgomery, investigative journalist, is the granddaughter of one of America's most radical lawyers, the daughter of one of America's most famous protesters. She's going to expose the Obama administration's unconstitutional surveillance of its citizens in the New York Times. Forced into hiding after her story breaks, she takes refuge in her grandparents' abandoned home. There, surrounded by the past she's run from for years, she makes a discovery that sees her question everything that led her to this moment. You're A Big Girl Now is a gripping, intelligent thriller about the moral and political responsibilities of the citizen in the modern world. For every choice, there is a consequence. The question is: should Isabel suffer for a choice she didn't make?
Jorge is searching for his lost love. His ranch is in ruins and his friends are dead. He tries to forget his green eyed beauty, but something compels him; something huge. Her trail leads to a hotel, but she is gone without a trace. India is on the run. Shes determined to leave behind the cattle ranch, she had destroyed. The man she tried to forget haunted her. When her cousin sends her a letter from the hotel she left, something compels her to return. However, when she returns to the hotel the old worry quickly turns into bitter resentment
1st Person POV Where Realism gets Smashed by Fiction and Fantasy. (EBOOK PDF Format) Mr Sai Borg is a Martial Artist with his own fight system. His fighting skills are needed as he fights the Rouge Black Gold Companies. The story line in this 1st book introduces Mr. Borg. His employer, Pops, is the President of the World Order. He is also aided by Granma. She is the brains behind the World Order. (See her introduction at She is assisted by a Russian retired Cold War Nuclear Physicist Mr. Stargazer. He becomes the Head Physicist at Area 52, where the 2nd Fusion Reactor Relay Complex is. He is developing fusion engines, space craft, iion suits for their space colonization program, to save humanity from this dying planet. Eventually, there will be 5x Supreme Crusaders representing each of the 5x continents of the World. Sai must battle the disbelievers, anti-World Order groups and rogue Black Gold Companies to help the World Order. All the Crusaders including Sai wear a protective suit. It is called the iion suit. (Pronounced Eon). Granma and her team of technicians design and produce those suits and the pulse weapons to go with them. They also produce electric engines, Aero Jets with their pulse engines, Skimmers, Roos sticks, Jet packs, sponge shoes. All these items are produced using alternate energy sources. No use of oil, coal or gas. Book one introduces some of the main characters and the main aims of the World Order. How the W.O. will slowly spread its influence throughout the World, - Mainly with developing its alternative energy sources. This book has many connotations, with its tongue in cheek approach to Politics, through its reported WTF TV and Head Cover TV news broadcasts. HINT: Sai gets blown up in Chapter 4; however, you the reader are lead to believe that Sai is okay?? – So can you spot the subtle hints from Chapter 4 to Chapter 14, Can the reader pick up on whether Sai is okay or in a Coma?? (After the explosion, he is always tired, gets frequent headaches, says, “where have all the birds gone?” Yes between those chapters, nothing is as it seems. (But can the reader work it out). This book is written mainly from Sais Point of View; however, Pops and Granma also have a chapter on their points of view. The main antagonist Mr. Ivan White also has a chapter from his perspective. The writer uses the I said She said, simple-ism style of writing, because it is easy to follow, great for person’s who have English as their second language and it is also a smoke screen to hide what is really happening. Yes reading simple writing can actually fool the reader. Read this book to see how. As shown in other fictional writings such as, “Game of Thrones, “a specific Glossary of meanings is added. The words aren’t all proper English, nor are they meant to be. To set ones writing apart, sometimes one needs to step out of the square.

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