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Henry, now in the autumn of his years, is transported back to the key episodes of his life. At once ironic and affectionate, he speaks with his younger self both man and boy, offering warnings of a life to come and advice on how he might live it without the small self-delusions and regrets that leave him ultimately unfulfilled. Warm, funny and always entertaining Hock and Soda Water is a nostalgic lament for a life never lived. Christopher Morahan directs this quintessentially English comedy about the recipe for happiness through the three ages of man at the Chichester Festival Theatre from November 2001.
First published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
The purpose of this book is to provide a concise account of those parasites which affect man in developed countries. Other textbooks relate mainly to the tropics and subtropics where parasites by comparison are more common. It is widely believed that this difference in prevalence between tropical and temperate countries is due to differences in climatic conditions alone. Whilst it is true that certain vectors can only act as transmitters of disease under climatic conditions found in the tropics, there are many other instances where climate per se is not a decisive factor. More often parasitic disease is related to the poor standards of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition, which characterize many of these tropical and subtropical areas. The advent of more international travel has added a new dimension to the study of parasites, with the appearance of rare and exotic parasitic infections in the West. This book encompasses the entire field of parasites in developed countries with a brief reference to other parts of the world whenever appropriate for the sake of completeness. Each chapter provides basic information as well as recent advances and current thinking. Thus the book will serve as an excellent, comprehensive in troduction to those taking up a specialized interest in the subject, as well as those who may wish to obtain general information but are not actively working in the field. Although it is primarily written from a medical and veterinary stand point, it provides valuable material for other disciplines.
This is the story of a tiny flea called Fergus. He lived in comfort on a large dog called Maxamillion. The good life ends abruptly when he is forced from his canine host, and ends up inside a giant cauliflower. This was the beginning of a great adventure for Fergus. He twice escapes being eaten alive by enormous predators. Poor old Fergus then nearly starves to death, but survives this, only to discover a complete living village within the confines of this giant vegetable. Fergus ends up fighting for the love of his life. He is the groom of a very lively wedding, and becomes the father of triplets. Our little hero, and his family witness the destruction of the entire village. A new life begins on the ground for the Fergus family with many more adventures. They meet a friendly, and very helpful giant worm called Willie. Then there is the beautiful butterfly called Laurali, who takes them all on a flight of fancy, and I must not forget the assistance of a squadron of helpful fireflies. A complete circle happens for Fergus, when he eventually returns to live on Maximillion with his complete family. He is also joined by the entire inhabitants from the old village. Their aim was to start a new and blissful future. But first we must return to the time when Fergus was born. Let the story begin...
In our world of life, we stroll along searching for that special hand to hold onto. Men and women not only seek love, but companionship. Canvassing high and low, we quest for those embraces that not only clasp the flesh, but also wrap a lasting caress around our emotional makeup. Some of us will be swirled into the great joys of unforgettable happiness while others will find themselves spinning into a life of unforgettable anguish. And along with us, hidden in the dark shadows of any relationship, steps a lone stranger. He will keep his distance but remain ever present. He watches all life. He has come for one sole purpose he has come to take it. He does not rest in the time of day, for he will never be weary. Ultimately, he has become the most feared outlander of all. On nature's grasses of life, where his approach is not heard, his touch will come with gentleness. He has a proper place. He has a proper name. He is Death

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