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Growing up in a city where the words, hate, love, trust, loyalty, temptation, lust, anger, jealousy, ego, are tested throughout the capital city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, young boys and girls across the area travel through various roads of trials and tribulations that can either lead them to a prospering and fruitful life or a place of failure and destruction. Growing up in a low middle class neighborhood being raised by a strong, kind, hard-working mother who takes care of the family mainly without the support of her non self-disciplined husband along, a young boy learns to manage the struggles in his life not only in the streets but in a school where it becomes a test of survival than an institution of higher learning. Everyone has there own story; this is the story of a young boy name Dude
During the initial days of Desert Storm Army Reservist Private Anita Harvey had a horrible nightmare. A year after the 1998 bombing of U.S. Embassies then Sergeant Harvey warned some Ft. Hood soldiers that Americans would be attacked on U.S. soil within the next five years. It was a feeling she couldn't shake since that horrible dream years earlier. She did not realize that her dream was a vision foreseeing that horrible day in American history known as 9-11 some ten years later. After years of battling disabilities U. S. Army veteran Anita Harvey has come forth with the novel every soldier and veteran must have; 'Fight For The American Soul'
What was to be a summer hoot turned to an extreme passion for very, very large Rainbow Trout. The years past, the memories mounted, the photos with Sports with huge Trout, priceless. When it’s over and the years catch up and ravage your body, it might be time to put pen to paper and remember all those wonderful people, the flying machines, Trout, bears, and the best luck life has to offer. Alaskan Trout People is a love story, an adventure story, a story of great successes, with colorful, fun people, happy, happy, happy. Every day, you’re in a Pump Boat, floatplane, raft, exploring the wilderness waters of back-country Alaska. River Guide’s life was dedicated to his Sports’ successes on his Trout waters. He has a very colorful family of Trout People. Bad Dude, Slope Girl, Cheeseburger, Chief Carl, ya gotta love ’em all. This is a story about the ups and downs of life (98 percent ups). The everyday dynamics of a bush world are lots of challenges and lots of work. The Moo Dudes, Mr. Jerry, the Preacher were all wonderful people who became family. It was important to the author to write about all those years of Alaskan Trout People. It’s a book about family and very, very large Rainbow Trout.
Sheila is about to venture into a world of the unknown: Her first semester in college. A music major fresh out of high school, she expects her studies to be easy, her friendships to be plentiful, and her opportunities to be endless. However, she is not prepared for the hurdles that await her ahead at Plantation Grove. In its light-hearted delivery, Quest for a Gentleman involves the struggle of an African American girl attending a historically Black college who simply wants to meet her Mr. Right. Holding dear to her religious teachings, God and the Bible are all she needs in her quest. But as life would have it, she encounters her share of deceit among her new friends, isolation from campus social cliques, and utter dismay from her college professors. It is a difficult lesson to learn as she ponders whether she is really ready for this journey after all.

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