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This lively sticker collection features the popular piglet and members of her family! Olivia models an array of outfits, most of them featuring her signature color, red. Stickers include Olivia as an astronaut, ballerina, and painter, as well as images of the piglet wearing her customary striped jumpsuit and red jumper. 26 stickers.
Dress Olivia in a wardrobe of colorful costumes: Santa Claus, a doctor, soccer player, ballerina, artist, pirate, figure skater, astronaut, and more. 37 reusable stickers.
Maurice Pledger adds a dimension to his classic and beautiful illustrations by creating full-color interactive sticker books. These colorful books feature larger reusable stickers for children to identify and array of life-like animals, learn about their individual habitats and create their own sticker settings.
A constitutional lawyer discusses legal issues that restrict Christians' rights and religious freedom, and offers advice for Christians to respond effectively and with integrity when faced with pressure from the community
Olivia explains what being a big sister is all about in this storybook with stickers that’s perfect for older siblings! Olivia loves being a big sister to her brothers, Ian and William, and she’s sharing her favorite tips for older sibings in this funny guidebook. Everyone’s favorite pig gives humorous advice on how to help Mom with the stroller, how to help the baby sleep, how to share toys, and more. Includes a special treat for big siblings: a sheet of Olivia stickers! OLIVIA™ Ian Falconer Ink Unlimited, Inc. and © 2014 Ian Falconer and Classic Media, LLC
"Based on the TV series 'Olivia' as seen on Nickelodeon."

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