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An exploration of true leadership and its price--in both life and business.
Leadership is a learned and practiced skill. Very few people are great at it right away or stay on top without consistently working at it. To be effective, you must continually sharpen your professional development focus and invest in being green and growing. The goal should be to become the best leadership version of you, that you can be. Being a business leader is often a lonely and frustrating experience. Everyone thinks they know what it's like, but few of us actually take the personal risk and put it in the professional work to assume the responsibility. The good news is that there are tools, techniques, and other approaches to make it easier to make a positive difference and feel good about it in the process. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a smallbusiness owner, or a corporate executive with wide-ranging responsibilities, this book provides practical advice in an easy-to-read format that can be applied right away.
Lessons on Leadership and Business is a collection of poignant leadership lessons and insights on business that will inspire and challenge. Compiled by Adrian Geering, and taken from insights gained in his Secrets of successful CEOs, this book has the hidden information of business leaders in a compact format. Don't travel the journey of life and business alone. Take advice from great Australian CEOs from all walks of life and business.
The rapid pace of technological change and globalization of products, competition and services have conspired to place a new premium on innovation for firms across the world. Although many variables influence creativity and innovation, the effective leadership of creative teams has proved especially important. This timely Handbook presents the state of the art for what leaders must do to lead creative teams and how they should do it.
Leadership is a key function in the management of any organization. Many theories exist for the choice of the best leadership style, suiting a given situation. But none of these could provide cure for the following maladies of the modern-day businesses : Intense competition amongst leaders, causing abnormal stress and stain, and the resultant degenerative diseases. Fast-paced depletion of natural resources leading to the gravest threat to our ecosystem. Frequent recessions of the economy, leading to : lay-offs, retrenchments, and plant closings. The absence of meaning and purpose in the lives of organizational members. The business world is in need of a panacea, in the form of Exemplary Leadership that can eradicate above ills. Only Spiritual Leadership, based on the universal principles of Spirituality, can provide the hope of rescue. The book provides the quintessential qualities of Spiritual Leadership based upon the world’s four major religions (i.e., Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism).
Reading these various non-technical articles is undeniably valuable for any person (teachers, executives, students) who is concerned about the behaviour of major companies managers in the context of globalisation and economy liberalisation. Gestion 2000 A profoundly important book for scholars and leaders alike that makes a vital timely contribution to the behavioral perspectives on leadership and governance. Doh and Stumpf, along with their world-renowned contributors, apply solidly anchored academic wisdom to offer fresh ideas on restoring faith in the integrity of American enterprise. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management, President and CEO, Chief Executive Leadership Institute and author of Leadership and Governance From The Inside Out Ethics, social responsibility, leadership, governance. These terms are heard in the classroom, in the boardroom, and viewed on the front page of newspapers and magazines. Yet serious attention to the relationships among these concepts is lacking. Although commitments to leadership, ethics, and social responsibility are evident, individuals and companies are falling short in combining these duties into policies and cultures that guide behavior and decisions. The missing element is a broad-based and integrated approach to responsible leadership and governance. This volume provides the leading thinking on these issues and includes a discussion of emerging areas that require future attention. The contributors leading scholars in the fields of leadership, governance and social responsibility summarize the state of the literature, identify complementary insights and perspectives, discuss areas of conflict and disagreement, and include a provocative and stimulating agenda for further investigation. They point up practical consequences of these perspectives in light of developments that have exposed the shortcomings in practice. Several contributors focus specifically on the challenges faced by global companies in developing and maintaining leadership and governance practices that are responsive to different national institutional and cultural settings. Thorough coverage and insightful discussion make this an essential reference for scholars and students of leadership, corporate responsibility and professional ethics, as well as for all those directly responsible for establishing the ethical codes and practices of their organizations.
Leadership in Organizations is the first in a series of three books written primarily for distance-learning students in online undergraduate and graduate programs with a focus on management, leadership, and organizational development. This first book introduces concepts, theories, and principles of leadership across a broad spectrum and is intended for students in online courses on leadership, management, and business. A signature theme of the book is the distinction between leadership and management. This book presents a real-world view to help students learn to recognize the dynamics of leadership theory in operation so that they can begin to apply these principles to situations in their work environments.

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