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Leadership is a learned and practiced skill. Very few people are great at it right away or stay on top without consistently working at it. To be effective, you must continually sharpen your professional development focus and invest in being green and growing. The goal should be to become the best leadership version of you, that you can be. Being a business leader is often a lonely and frustrating experience. Everyone thinks they know what it's like, but few of us actually take the personal risk and put it in the professional work to assume the responsibility. The good news is that there are tools, techniques, and other approaches to make it easier to make a positive difference and feel good about it in the process. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a smallbusiness owner, or a corporate executive with wide-ranging responsibilities, this book provides practical advice in an easy-to-read format that can be applied right away.
To be successful, business leaders should be familiar with the emerging digital technologies that are contributing to the global business environment. All leaders must develop fresh capabilities if they are to successfully direct their communities through the emerging era of social digital connectivity and global dynamic complexity. Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Leadership in Global Business combines relevant theoretical and practical frameworks with the latest research and best practices regarding emergent digital technologies. This book is an essential reference source for professionals, researchers, academics, and students who want to improve their understanding of the strategic role of emerging digital technologies in the success of global business.
Draws on interviews with over twenty women executives about such topics as leadership models, values-based enterprises, the power of coaching, balancing family and firm, and breaking down barriers in executive searches.
The rapid pace of technological change and globalization of products, competition and services have conspired to place a new premium on innovation for firms across the world. Although many variables influence creativity and innovation, the effective leadership of creative teams has proved especially important. This timely Handbook presents the state of the art for what leaders must do to lead creative teams and how they should do it.
Traces the main features of the five intellectual arguments about leadership in the workplace and describes what has been missing in past perspectives.
Gabriel Flynn and Patricia H. Werhane This book points to a necessary relationship between ethics and business; the success of such an alliance depends directly on sound business leadership. Without the sort of leadership that upholds the dignity and rights of employees and clients, as well as the interests of shareholders, even the most meticulously prepared ethics statements are destined to founder, as evidenced at Enron and elsewhere. Over the past 30 years or so, since business ethics became established as a discipline in its own right, much progress has been made in the ethical conduct of business at all levels. In short, business people, like politicians, doctors and church leaders, have come to realize that it is not possible to avoid involvement in ethics, for much of what business people do and cannot do may be subject to ethical evaluation. While the history of business ethics as currently practised may be traced to the medieval and ancient periods; our principal concern is with developments in the ?eld over recent decades. A consideration of how the topic has been treated by the Harvard Business Review, the business world’sleadingprofessionaljournal,provideshelpful insights into past progress and present challenges. In 1929, just as business ethics was beginning to evolve, Wallace B.

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