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In one hilarious chapter after another, Fleenor reveals the coral reefs and the crime of an exotic Virgin Islands destination in her true account of a year living on a catamaran with her husband and son.
Blessed with vast expanses of virgin timber, a good harbor, and a San Francisco market for its lumber, the Coos Bay area once dubbed itself "a poor man's paradise." A new Prologue and Epilogue by the author bring this story of gyppo loggers, longshoremen, millwrights, and whistle punks into the twenty-first century, describing Coos Bay�s transition from timber town to a retirement and tourist community, where the site of a former Weyerhaeuser complex is now home to the Coquille Indian Tribe�s The Mill Casino.
An account of one family's life in a redwood forest describes how the Colfax's lived without electricity, running water, or a phone, and how they educated their sons, three of whom were accepted to Harvard on full scholarships.
When Peter Alagagian had to face his persecutors because he loved God and served Him as a priest, even where godless atheism held sway, he became a martyr for a faith. In this way he has a special message for the world today. But when, after 23 years of Soviet tyranny and prisons, he lived to devote himself as a witness to the Church of Silence, and a witness for us of the love of God, we can well speak of an event of extraordinary importance in our time of compromise.
This is a first-hand account of a Cambodian boy who found himself caught in the crossfire of civil war and then the cruel oppression of the Khmer Rouge Communist regime. Enduring the events described in this book should have made him an emotional cripple. But God had other plans. He survived the Khmer Rouge holocaust, and when presented with the opportunity to go to America, he did so. He took advantage of America's educational opportunities and studied to become a dentist. After becoming a Christian, the hatred and bitterness he felt toward those who destroyed many of his relatives and friends turned to forgiveness. Where once he lived for revenge, he now lives to bring healing to others and to share the love of God. This book is about what happens when men live without God. It shows the providence of God in saving someone in great danger. It also shows the power of the Gospel to change hate into love. This is a book of hope!
Full of fascinating characters and vignettes - from ancient Greeks to suffragettes, from eccentric military men to Catholics in hiding from persecution - this text looks into how society's changes have altered our views of gardening, who does it, and how we do it. What drives people to risk their lives in search of a rare Himalayan flower? Why are so many gardeners homosexual? How did gardening become a respectable career for women? When did looking at other people's gardens become a national British pastime?
The beloved Miami Herald columnist shares his best comic work, covering everything from sports and tourism to corruption in local politics, the Elian Gonzalez affair, and the 2000 presidential election recount, with his savage satiric wit.
A serial killer’s on the loose in the Promised Valley. A dark and twisted fantasy has mutated into an unquenchable obsession to pluck the souls of beautiful dark-haired girls. A wealthy, power-wielding Salt Lake City polygamist is willing, even hungry, to murder young women to protect his dirty little secrets. Is there a connection? Investigative reporter Charlie Carver invades the strange yet fascinating world of life behind the gray cement walls of the Goodman polygamist fortress to begin to get some answers. Carver finds himself at the center of a media firestorm surrounding the unprecedented court testimony of a sixteen-year-old girl accusing her father and uncle of incest and child abuse. He decides to bust polygamy wide open with an indicting expose of millionaire corporate attorney and polygamy "Lord" Donald Goodman. The story spins faster and faster as the serial killer and several Goodman clansmen suspects begin to cross paths, ensnaring Charlie in a potentially deadly game of whodunit.
While on a honeymoon in the Caribbean, Michelle and David discover there is a powerful criminal force at work on Soledad to keep them from discovering the island's deadly secrets.
Rulan and Pao An, exiles from Chinese tyranny, find that their hardest struggle is their daughter Molly, who, born in Hawaii, comes to despise the old Chinese ways

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