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For men, pain is very real. So is the power to transform it.In one of the opening meditations of this book, male spirituality expert Richard Rohr writes, “We need to fail, to fall, to jump into the central mystery of our own existence, or we’ll have no way of finding our true path.” Those words serve as the starting point for a potentially transformative experience, one in which men come to grips with the fact that some form of suffering or letting go is essential to achieving wholeness, holiness, and happiness. With nearly every man dealing with some form of hurt in his life, On the Threshold of Transformation acknowledges the pain and deals with it directly and redemptively. While much of our culture today would have us believe that failure and suffering are inherently bad, Fr. Rohr helps men see that pain—in whatever form it takes—is a primary doorway through which they can pass to reach their authentic, best selves, which is where they will truly encounter God. Ultimately, this book of 366 daily meditations helps men learn how to transform their pain so they don’t pass it on. With Fr. Rohr as their guide, the path to male spiritual transformation can be found and followed.
This book draws attention to selected aspects of the Central European reality and discusses interesting subjects related to the political, economic and social landscape of the region, which are in a continuous process of transformation. The book will be a useful source of knowledge, as Central Europe is still considered to be an “undiscovered island” in the “changeable waters” of contemporary international relations.
Humanae Vitae predicted the disintegration of marriage and family life, partly as a result of the widespread use of contraception. Pope John Paul II has since articulated a fresh understanding of marriage, love and sexuality which takes account of the dignity of the human person, and especially of women. In this exhaustive and scholarly assessment of his Christian anthropology, Mary Shivanandan examines the scientific data and the theological analysis that underlie these teachings on marriage and sexuality. Her book will be an essential text for the study of the development, meaning and implications of Catholic doctrine in this controversial area.
This book contends that child characters have taken on a critical representational role within Latin American cinema because of their position on the threshold between “nature” and “culture,” which converts them into a focus of, and a limit to, state or colonial biopower.
In 16 concise chapters, Rudolf Steiner reveals how we can look through the material veil of this world and glimpse the world of the spirit. With meditation and concentrated thought we can develop our intuition and clairvoyance and even our powers of ESP. Written "to be of use to those who are really in earnest in seeking knowledge of the spiritual world," this book continues to inspire today. Austrian scholar, philosopher and spiritual researcher RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925) has written dozens of books, including Philosophy of Freedom, Theosophy, An Outline of Occult Science, and Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.

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