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Discover what unity in Christ means through the Larsens' dynamic studies. And then put it into practice in relationships with other believers.
Ephesians reveals three great items in the New Testament: the Body of Christ, the Spirit, and the new man. Each of these items is uniquely one and ultimately related to Christ. The Body of Christ is the fullness of Christ, the One who fills all in all. The Spirit imparts the divine life, which contains the elements of Christ's divinity, humanity, death and resurrection, into the members of His Body, and this impartation of life produces a corporate expression of Christ that is displayed in and through the one new man. In One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man Witness Lee shows how the Body of Christ becomes His fullness through the believers' enjoyment of Christ. As we experience His boundless and immeasurable riches through the Spirit, we are reconstituted as members of His body, and as we take Him as our life and our person, the one new man in the universe comes into being in a practical way.
AS SOCIETY DIVERSIFIES, LOCAL CHURCHES FIND THEM SELVES INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE FROM EVERY TRIBE AND TONGUE. But not every church is equipped to handle the realities of ethnic and racial diversity in its congregational life. Sociologist George Yancey's pioneering research on multiracial churches offers key principles for church leaders wanting to minister to people from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. Insights from real-life congregations provide concrete examples of how churches can welcome people of all heritages, giving them a sense of ownership and partnership in the life of the church. Based on data from a landmark Lilly Endowment study of multiracial churches across America, this volume offers insights and implications for church leadership, worship styles, conflict resolution and much more. Here is an essential resource for pastors and church leaders committed to cultural, ethnic and racial reconciliation in their congregations. ''George Yancey has written a remarkable book that makes a groundbreaking contribution. Drawing extensively on the first-ever national study of multiracial congregations, he uncovers seven main factors that these congregations have in common. He takes us through these commonalities, step by step, in an engaging and easy-to-read manner. Contained in the book is the very heart of what it takes to transform one's church into a multiracial congregation, and what it takes to develop together once a church is demographically multiracial.'' FROM THE FOREWORD BY MICHAEL O. EMERSON, FOUNDING DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER ON RACE, RELIGION AND URBAN LIFE, RICE UNIVERSITY; COAUTHOR OF DIVIDED BY FAITH AND UNITED BY FAITH

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