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Widely recognized as Britain's top medium, Gordon Smith here answers the deeper questions that people ask of the spirit world, the big questions of life and death. For most of the time people go to Gordon Smith's public events in the hope of hearing messages from loved ones who have passed. The information that Gordon is able to share is world-renowned for its astonishing accuracy and detail - information that he could not possibly have discovered by any other means. This information reunites people with their loved ones and gives them comfort and solace. But sometimes we all want to know the answers to questions that go beyond the narrowly personal, questions that are equally relevant to all human beings: What happens to us after death? Is there a Heaven and a Hell? Why do bad things happen more to some people than to others? To what extent are our lives predestined? Do we reincarnate? Are spirit guides a type of angel? In order to answer these questions and penetrate the deeper mysteries of the human condition, Gordon Smith has here gone into a very deep trance to consult his own spirit guide. The answers he has brought back will amaze, illuminate and inspire.
The Crusades and the Inquisition, two separate historical events, are more closely related than most people realize. It is no accident that the Inquisition followed quickly on the heels of the Crusades, just as it is no coincidence that the Crusades as well as the Inquisition have been greatly misunderstood over the centuries, with popular historians focusing on and, indeed, exaggerating the "atrocities" committed by Christian armies and Inquisitors. Recent research has reversed many of these misconceptions, and the results will be enlightening to anyone curious about this much-disputed period in Christian history. In this unique book, which combines discussion of both events and shows how they are related, Fr. John Vidmar, OP, offers a magisterial synthesis of the latest research and brings his own extensive knowledge as a historian of this era to provide an accessible, eminently readable book that will be indispensable to students and average readers alike.
At least one point in your life you’ve probably faced adversity that made you question your ability to go on. But you did go on, and since then: • How would you define courage? • Was there a defining moment that made you who you are today? • What do you want other women to know? One Hundred Hearts shares the deeply introspective responses to these and other questions answered by one hundred women. Through their answers, stories of ordinary women and their extraordinary courage come to life. You’ll laugh with them, cry with them, and see yourself in their journeys. Individually, the women you meet in this book display incredible courage. Collectively, they inspire you to appreciate the courage you demonstrate in your own life on a daily basis. “Triumphant, courageous and inspiring. Terry Sidford’s One Hundred Hearts takes you on a journey one heart at a time.” — Cheryl Burget, Founder of Your Intended Life “Reading Terry Sidford’s One Hundred Hearts is like sitting down with your girlfriends over coffee and sharing your deepest, darkest secrets. And then feeling better for doing so afterward.” — Stacy Dymalski, Comedian and Author of “Confessions of a Band Geek Mom” “I smiled, cried, laughed out loud, and connected with every woman’s story in Terry Sidford’s book, One Hundred Hearts.” — Beth K. Lefevre, Executive Director, Master Life, Inc. and Master Trainer for Passion Test Programs
At public programs, informal gatherings and media interviews, Shri Mataji often invited questions – from Sahaja Yogis, seekers, journalists. She satisfied our curiosity, our concerns. And calmed our confusions. Here are 108 of those questions, some naive, some misguided, but mostly insightful, rich and relevant. Each one is answered with love and patience. As one seeker prefaced his query, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Shri Mataji agreed. “You have just become loving angels,” She said.
In this age of endless debate over which scriptures contain the correct guidelines for living a righteous life, this book stands out as a breath of fresh air and intelligence. Based upon the universal laws, these answers to impossible questions rise above past misperceptions to reveal truth as it was meant to be understood: clear, pure, and wise. Presented here are some of the most controversial and poignant questions asked by man: —Is abortion a sin? —What causes cancer? —Who is right: the creationists or evolutionists? —Where is my soul mate? —Is there life on other planets? —Who was Jesus? —What is my purpose?

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