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How close are we to defeating cancer? A “calming and illuminating” blend of memoir and medical history (Janet Maslin, The New York Times). When his father was diagnosed with cancer, documentary filmmaker Adam Wishart couldn’t find a book that clearly answered his most basic questions: What was the disease and how did it take hold? What is it about cancer’s biology that makes it hard to eradicate? And most importantly, are we on the way to a cure? One in Three is both a son’s personal story and a journalistic take on cancer’s history, outlining the encouraging story of science’s progress in changing the outlook on cancer from a disease we die from to one we live with. Covering the discovery of the disease, its treatment, and its prevention, this is a story of both hardship and hope, and a helpful companion for anyone dealing with this all too common illness as a patient, a loved one, or a caregiver. “An engaging presentation of facts reported with the cool detachment of a professional journalist interspersed with the raw feelings of a son recording the progress of his father’s fatal illness, what’s right and wrong within the medical community, and the emotional toll on everyone involved with the father and son’s journey.” —Booklist “Fascinating.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Makes abstract science accessible and dignifies a human story with the insights of medicine.” —Andrew Solomon, New York Times–bestselling and National Book Award–winning author of Far from the Tree
A brilliantly twisty new thriller – perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell
A poetry book written in the year 1999 on New Millennium and is dedicated to Mother Theresa of India and world and Mr.Bill Gates of America and world. The verses highlight many issues and written well with a philosophical spice. The book contains 184 thought provoking poetic verses including Author's Bio-data. This is the best poetry book on New Millennium written in 1999. The author shows great creative writing. Also read author's other poetry books...THE JEWS ARE THE JEWELS, HUMOUROUS RUMINATIONS, A BLEAT PLAINTIVE, THE BIG BANG HIJACKED to enjoy author's creative writing in poetic verses for his great thought. (All his books combined contains about 650 poetic verses written in 17 days in the month of Sep 1999).Please visit my webpage at
In a new paperback edition of a classic work, T. F. Torrance aims to clarify understanding of that most profound article of the Christian faith, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.Adopting a holistic approach, he explains the inter-relatedness of the three Persons--Father, Son and Holy Spirit--and their dynamic Communion with the Being and Nature of God.Combining immense academic range with new theological perspectives, Professor Torrance builds a significant theological bridge between ancient and modern, and Roman and Protestant theology.
This is a book about love. The surprises, the nights, dreams and rainbows, falling into, taking with, a series of moments that leave you flailing, the unexpected contentment, all facets of being human, facing the ultimate in all of us--the need to not be alone.
'Intellectual freedom depends on material things. Poetry depends on intellectual freedom. And women have always been poor...' In these two classic essays of feminist literature, Woolf argues passionately for women's intellectual freedom and their role in challenging the drive towards fascism and conflict. In A Room of One's Own she explores centuries of limitations placed on women, as well as celebrating the creative achievements of the women writers who overcame these obstacles. In this first history of women's writing, she describes the importance of education, financial independence, and equality of opportunity to creative freedom. Three Guineas was written under the threat of fascism and impending war. A radical articulation of Woolf's pacifist politics, it investigates the causes of gender inequalities and the ways in which women's historic outsider position make them crucial in the prevention of war. Both these works started life as talks to groups of young women, and their engaging wit and informality establish Woolf as one of the twentieth-century's greatest essayists. Their arguments continue to reverberate in feminist discourse to this day. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.
"Robert and Helen Lynd's Middletown set the format in sociological theory and practice for hundreds of studies in the decades following its publication in 1929. Old People in Three Industrial Societies may well set similar standards for studies in its fi eld for many years to come. In addition to achieving a signifi cant breakthrough in the progress of socio logical research techniques, the book offers a monumental cross-cultural exposition of the health, family relationships, and social and economic status of the aged in three countries-the United States, Britain, and Denmark."--Provided by publisher.
COPING WITH ILLNESS. AUSTRALIAN. Kathleen Austin's book reveals many of the unknown concerns about modern cancer and its treatment. Concerns of the minority of medical professionals who actually have time to think and to read the research, and who have the courage to speak out. The book also reviews many of the more effective cancer treatments that are not standard practice in Australia. This cancer epidemic is now predicted to affect one in every three people, but there is hope in little known areas, if we choose to look, think and act. Hence the title: One in Three, Real Hope for Cancer.
Despite periods of clandestine activity since its inception, the Three in One cult has undergone a remarkable revival in post-Mao China: Today Lin is worshipped throughout Southeast China and Southeast Asia as Lord of the Three in One in over a thousand temples by tens of thousands of cult initiates.
Revenge-The Mafia takes revenge on the Colonels family, (wifes blood family) who was indirectly responsible for the killing of it leader in Italy. The killing of her two nieces was just the beginning of trying to kill all her blood relatives. Corruption from Within-The Colonel uncovers corruption by employees, physicians and chairman of the Board of Directors in the Non-Profit Hospital Industry in Metropolitan New York City. They were allowed to exist because there was no Internal Control and Cash Controls. The events that took place actually occurred. The Insurance Industries was allowed by the State of New York to make substantial profits from the collecting of Mal-Practice Premiums and the related Statistics.
Conway Sax is a man on a mission—this time all the way out to Los Angeles, where he has sworn to track down and rescue Kenny Spoon, a washed-up TV star who has been kidnapped by gangsters. Conway, who’s never met Kenny, is doing a favor for Eudora Spoon, a dear friend and fellow member of the Barnburners, the tight-knit maverick AA group whose members Conway has sworn to help. After hauling Kenny back to Massachusetts, Conway finds himself caught between Eudora and her two sons: Kenny, and Harmon, the local police chief who resents his talented, troubled half-brother. Each member of the Spoon family distrusts and even despises the others, it seems … and each has a past full of dark secrets that may explain why. While Conway unravels this mystery, Eudora is murdered on her own estate by a sniper. She dies in Conway’s arms, muttering cryptically that “they can have it.” Conway vows to avenge the murder, but the clues he uncovers only seem to point to more suspects. Things get even more complicated when Conway, still separated from his girlfriend Charlene, begins a passionate affair with Tricia, Harmon’s estranged wife, that can’t help but cloud his judgment. The more secrets Conway uncovers, the more danger he’s in as Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage, this masterfully written page-turner from critically acclaimed author Steve Ulfelder, builds to a wrenching confrontation.
Every man has a story to tell and this read definitely shares awe-inspiring tales that one can never forget. An eclectic collection of short narratives, Love In Three Sections depicts episodes which, at the end, teach valuable lessons. Written by Dan E. Blackstone, this exhilarating selection sparks the inquisitive mind. Leading readers to unravel the truth behind every mystery, the stories foment page-turning marathons until the very end. With The Spirit of Love: What It Means to Be Wanted, readers will go through imaginative lines and interesting conversations. This episode depicts the world through the eyes of a young child, confused yet fascinated with the insanity that he encounters. This part shares a young souls adventures and inquisitive spirit as he tries to make sense of the enigma of those held captive behind bars. The Shackle is a suspense-thrilling episode of a harrowing crime done to a young woman who was brutally beaten and badly hurt by a faceless assailant. Investigations would have been easier if only she had seen his face, but her vision was obscured by the manner in which she was attacked. Now the perpetrator is on the loose and a man-hunt is set. Authorities are putting together the pieces of the puzzle as clues to solving the case. Seven Miles Below is another very interesting story. The setting is within a flying aircraft, in which a passenger notices a glaring distress signal from down below. He tries to tell the flight attendant about a possible S.O.S. call but she brushed him off. Not waiting for the opportunity to pass, he followed his instincts and dialed in 911 to report what he saw. Despite airline restrictions, this brave and heroic act saved the lives of a family trapped inside a wrecked vehicle from thousands of feet below. Inspiring and groundbreaking, these stories will move a deep part of readers souls that part which loves and cares for humanity. Moving and exhilarating, Love in Three Sections is definitely a compelling must-read.
A telephone call to Senator J. William Fulbrights Washington D. C. Office arranged a change of assignment for new Warrant Officer Pilot Thomas Butler to Medical Evacuation School at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. He could not have known how this factor would affect the future decisions he would make in combat. With only minor glimpses into the challenges faced by a medical evacuation pilot catapulted into the jungles of Vietnam, Mr. Butler presents a rare look into the lives of the men whose task it was to retrieve the wounded from the battlefields and jungles of Vietnam. He tells the story like none other has, Discribing the jobs of men who took pride in their Vietnam Conflict service, and including the writings of a North Vietnamese Officer, Captain Nguyen Van Trang.

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