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This is a substantial new edition of a successful textbook which continues to have a sensible and 'easy to read' style. Each Chapter has a past/present/future theme with a real strategic approach. Strategic Operations Managment shows operations as combining products and services into a complete offer for the customer. Services are therefore seen as key and are integrated throughout the material in each chapter. Manufacturing, service supply and other key factors are all shown to be in place. In an era where companies are fond of talking about core competences but still struggle to understand their operations, this is an important for academics and practitioners alike. Only when managers understand their operations will they be able to leverage them into any sort of capabilities that will lead to competitive advantage. Online tutor resource materials accompany the book.
Operations Management in Context is a straightforward and accessible text which provides students with a good grounding in the theory and practice of operations management and its role within organisations. The structure is clear and logical, leading the newcomer to the subject through the topics in a way to maximise comprehension, highlighting key issues and using case studies and examples from business to contextualise learning. Chapters are structured to enable incremental and progressive learning with a logical development of the content. Each chapter is linked and ends with a summary of the key points met in the text to aid revision. Exercises and self assessment questions are included to reinforce learning and maintain variety, with answers included at the end of the book. The text is accompanied by a lecturer's supplement.
ïAs the services sector has become the most important sector of many of our economies, this book makes a valued contribution to our greater understanding of what features are critical to operational success in this sector. Based upon sound research and drawing on numerous cases studies, the author has delivered an expose that will be of value to academics and practitioners alike. From a long career in the field, the author has distilled critical content into a well-organised book that is a must for students and practitioners in services operations management. It is welcoming to read of service operations management in the not-for-profit and public sectors.Í _ Peter Liesch, University of Queensland Business School, Brisbane, Australia ïDavid has captured the essentials of service operations within a complete enterprise framework. Based upon case studies from a broad variety of organizations from around the globe, this easy to understand text is a must for students and practitioners alike. Students of service operations and indeed services marketing have been long awaiting a reference such as this.Í _ Derek Lundberg, Metcash Food & Grocery ïThe author recognizes the critical fact that service operations is worlds apart from manufacturing operations management that produces tangible products _ a failing of so many other texts that have drawn on yesteryear manufacturing paradigms to try and explain services. This book succeeds in combining operational analysis with the empirical research to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the forces that shape and change the service sectors. Drawing on a wealth of information by virtue of his track record of many years researching the service sectors, this book will be invaluable to both students, practitioners and anyone interested in successful service operations _ tourism, hospitality, transport, retailing, utilities, not for profit, public service.Í _ George Downie, Senior Lecturer, Southampton Business School, UK ïThis is an important book for educators, students and professional managers. As the services sector becomes a larger and increasingly pervasive part of our economy and as service operations management becomes the biggest part of most organizations, the opportunity to increase productivity, quality, flexibility and innovation of service provision must be grasped firmly by those who want their organizations to remain competitive and successful. This book very effectively blends conceptual frameworks with new, practical case studies. It is full of valuable and useful insights.Í _ Danny Samson, University of Melbourne, Australia This comprehensive textbook will become required reading for postgraduate students seeking to understand the principles of service operations management and for undergraduate students specializing in hospitality, tourism or the public sector. It will also serve as a handbook for operations managers in service organizations as they seek to develop and implement improved operations strategies. Focusing on service delivery design, capacity, recovery, performance measurement and service strategy, the challenge of delivering exceptional service quality is addressed through a comparison of customersÍ perceptions and expectations. A new approach to quality in services describes the tools and methods for continuous service improvement. This accessible and engaging textbook is the ideal foundation for a course in service operations management. Each chapter: - ' represents a lecture and specific topic _ with specified learning objectives and outcomes ' develops using a ïchunking and scaffoldÍ pedagogical technique _ sub-sections in the chapter develop the chapterÍs theme ' includes examples of organizations and small case-vignettes suitable for class/group discussion and larger cases of international organizations for set-work activity ' draws upon contemporary research with clear citations to show the source _ each chapter has a bibliography and reference list ' includes a series of questions that can be asked of the audience/students _ either to promote discussion or to be set as an assignment See the companion website _ INCLUDE LINK _ for an Instructor Resource Guide and PowerPoint slides, with tips for activities and as a general guide to explore issues raised in the book.
"Covers the core concepts and theories of production and operations management in the global as well as Indian context. Includes boxes, solved numerical examples, real-world examples and case studies, practice problems, and videos. Focuses on strategic decision making, design, planning, and operational control"--Provided by publisher.

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