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Want to be a stock market investor? Want to learn more about capital markets? Want to get an exposure to the practical aspects of capital market concepts? If yes, then this book serves as a perfect vehicle to introduce you to the fundamentals of Indian Capital Markets. An effort is made to simplify the concepts and present through simple scenarios making it an easy read to the beginner. In modern times, financial literacy is just as important as any other discipline. Every individual needs to understand the fundamentals of finance and economics and how it helps in the development process of an economy.
This provocative and non-polemic study explores the value system of the National Front movement in France, and explains the way in which the movement's ideology has been formulated and articulated in the 1980s and 1990s. Also discussing the crucial role of Le Pen, this book provides a fascinating enquiry into the most controversial political party in contemporary France.
The most comprehensive review of classic and current change management literature also addresses the pragmatics of designing, planning and implementing a change management programme.
Railroads have been a part of Orange County for over 130 years. The great names of American railroading--Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe; Southern Pacific; and Union Pacific--were firmly planted here by the early 1920s and linked with the largest interurban rail system in the United States, the famed Pacific Electric Railway. Thousands of people passed through Orange County's depots during the 1940s as they came to serve at the many military bases located here during World War II. The names have since changed, and yet the county's rail scene remains as dynamic as ever, with Amtrak, Metrolink, and amusement park railroads joining the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Railroad depots, new and old, are located across Orange County and continue on both as vital parts of history and the future of transportation for America's fifth most populated county.
Although West Orange is best known for Thomas Edison, there is much more to this New Jersey town than its famous inventor. Through vintage postcards, West Orange explores the town's history from the days of cable cars that once climbed the mountain to the long-gone amusement park at Crystal Lake. Postcards illustrate how Llewellyn Park and Eagle Rock share a common beginning and West Orange once had two train stations. The familiar roads of home come alive as images reveal West Orange's rich history.
The orange juice chain is unique, probably a sui generis commodity. Although several countries produce oranges and juices, two regions in the world are the responsible for around 80% of the production. These are the states of Sao Paulo in Brazil and Florida in the USA. Although the emerging countries are growing in production, the juice consumer is also concentrated in the USA and Europe where more than 90% of consumption takes place. The characteristics of this chain are so unique, that it makes a nice laboratory for academics and business people to exercise strategies, since risk is spread. Orange is a very sensitive plant, and fluctuations in production are notorious. The logistics of this chain are fascinating. The product travels great distances to reach the consumer in a generally safe and efficient way. The industry assets such as vessels and tanks are specific. By reading this book, business people, academics and chain practitioners have an opportunity to understand this chain. and can analyse all of its numbers and economics and exercise strategy building. This is needed since the orange juice market is a stable market in the world, growing only 1% per year, and the production costs of this chain are rising fast, due to structural changes faced by world food and agribusiness companies i.e. labour costs, energy costs, land costs, environmental costs and others. The book will be of interest to all those concerned with agri food chains.

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