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A practical handbook reflecting the needs of the new digital world provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to organize, catalog, store, and share one's digital archive of photographs, videos, music, and other personal documents, with helpful tips on how to eliminate household clutter and protect valuable personal items. Original. (Beginner).
Managing the Digital You: Where and How to Keep and Organize Your Digital Life is a much-needed guide for those struggling with how to manage and preserve their digital items. Starting with a values assessment, this book helps readers identify what items are important to them personally so that they can effectively prioritize their time and effort. Covering multimedia, correspondence, legacy planning, password protection, photos, non-digital documents, financial and legal documents, and even social media archiving, this comprehensive text addresses how to get started and how to develop a plan for managing existing and future items. Features include: Value assessment exercises to help readers identify what is a preservation priority to them personally Best practices for managing digital financial and legal documents How to save things from multiple devices, as well as social media sites Recommendations for scheduling maintenance activities and automating backup Guidelines for creating a personal management plan so that users are prepared to handle new and existing documents, photos, and other digital material for ongoing access After reading this short primer, readers will be ready to: better organize and identify what they already have in a digital form, have a personal plan for knowing what to discard and what to retain, know how to digitize papers, photographs, voicemail, preserve email and social media postings, and set up a workable long-term file naming and organizational structure.
Now solidly locked into the 21st century, everything is easier. At the same time, everyone is awash in too much information. Can anything be done? Yes! Declutter Your Data is for anyone who is interested in making better use of technology, avoiding digital clutter, and coming up with an organized and efficient way to access your data. The Ten Steps at the center of the book will make you more efficient, help you save time, and give you a happier relationship with your information.
A guide to Microsoft Windows server covers such topics as installation, setting up a home network, creating and managing backups, remotely accessing files, recovering lost data, and security.
A quick, fun, compact guide to the iBook laptop and its features and capabilities, including chapters on getting started; organizing your digital lifestyle; iBook at home or in the office; tips & tricks; and the operating system OS X Panther. Original. (All users)
Do you want to help build what's next for journalism? Then jump into Mark Briggs' proven guide for leveraging digital technology to do better journalism. The media landscape changes with such ferocious speed that as soon as new technologies gain a foothold, older ones become obsolete. To keep ahead and abreast of these ever-evolving tools and techniques, Briggs offers practical and timely guidance for both the seasoned professional looking to get up to speed and the digital native looking to root their tech know-how in real journalistic principles. Learn how to effectively blog, crowdsource, use mobile applications, mine databases, and expertly capture audio and video to report with immediacy, cultivate community, and tell compelling stories. Journalism Next will improve digital literacy, fast. Briggs begins with the basics and then explores specialized skills in multimedia so you can better manage online communities and build an online audience. Journalism Next is a quick read and roadmap you'll reference time and time again. Dive into any chapter and start mastering a new skill right away. And for today's journalist, who can afford to waste any time?

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