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There's no end to Duy Nguyen's ingenuity and that's why origami enthusiasts - and those who love trains, planes, and automobiles - will welcome this new collection. It features 17 cleverly constructed vehicles - enough modes of transportation to go around the world and back...and to provide hours of fun. With all the basic folds and forms simply explained, it's easy to make all these, plus a NASA Space Shuttle, Apache Helicopter, Side-Panel Flatbed Truck and a Snowmobile complete with its own trailer.
Kids will love folding their own cars, trucks, trains and planes with this easy origami kit! Origami City Kit contains 40 printable origami papers for exciting models like trains, cars, firetrucks, helicopters, motorcycles and delivery vans, plus trees and houses, plus bonus instructions for an origami tower and a bridge! Kids will have many hours of fun playing in the city, and it's a great way for them to experience the tactile joys of paper folding while fueling their imaginations! Beginning origami folders can create their own world with the exciting origami models and stickers in this origami-for-kids kit, including: A Train Locomotive with a Conductor A Firetruck with Dalmatian and Firefighter A Sailboat with a Captain A Helicopter with a Pilot And many more! Each colorful model comes with simple instructions and matching double-sided origami sheets that can be easily folded in a few seconds.
With baby boomers swelling the ranks of grandparents, there is a large and growing audience for Let’s Grandparent. There are no other books on the market with the variety of content or perspective presented in this book. With its emphasis upon the crucial early years, it has special appeal for new grandparents and those with young grandchildren. During this honeymoon period grandparents are typically enthusiastic about their new role and eager to learn all they can to make the most of time spent with their grandchildren. They want it to be fun, have an educational value, and strengthen close intimate bonds. Let's Grandparent shows them how to achieve these goals through an indepth understanding of child development, over four hundred kidtested activities and tips for simple but satisfying experiences together. The author brings together her personal experience as an enthusiastic grandparent with her professional career in early childhood education to create this insightful and enjoyable guide. The intended audience for this book is grandparents with young grandchildren, especially targeted for a welleducated, middleclass audience and grandparents of both men and women in their late middleage and early retirement years • Parents of young children, who often are looking for ways to encourage closer connections between their children and their grandparents • Anyone wishing to form a close relationship with a young child, such as other relatives or mentors to young children • Participants of workshops and classes for grandparents • Early childhood education (National Association for the Education of Young Children and Association of Childhood Education International)
When Paul becomes a vampire, he brings a new technique in curing people of bad manners. He will seek out the destroyers of "make love, not war" and drink their blood. In many cities of the world, he recruits from the living to aid him in his great work. As a walking corpse, he makes his stand - a dead man's stand.
Chi Sun Rhee’s work of four volumes, The Phantom of Greatness, is a masterpiece of twentieth century epic fiction. It consists of Book One (The Phantom of Greatness), Book Two (The Way to Greatness), Book Three (The Devastation to Greatness), and Book Four (The Triumph to Greatness). Like a thunderbolt in broad daylight, the tempestuous North Korean People’s Army (NKPA) roars down into S. Korea and pushes the U.S. Stationary Army and Republic of Korean Army (ROKA) to the surrounding Naktong Perimeter. Chief Police Kim Byunghong with his police troops must retreat to Pusan. He beseeches Mija to go with him because he forebodes Mija’s imminent danger, but his attempt fails. Being a wartime governor chosen by the People’s Committee of the S. Cholla Province, Changyul prevents people from bloody vengeance among civilians and cooperates with the Sixth Division Commander Pang of the NKPA. Mija works as a teacher at the Attached Middle School. Both the school principal and head of Chosun University Student’s Association force Mija to be in important leadership posts. She has persistently been resisting accepting their menace. The UN Forces’ Inchon Landing severs long supply lines of the NKPA and drives the NKPA out of S. Korea to the north, into the depth of a freezing snowy winter. UN Forces including the ROKA are trapped by the outnumbered ambushed Chinese Red Army. Gov. Rhee asks his trustworthy relative Mansin to find a hideout for Ilyoung and Mija at his place until the return of Chief Police Kim Byunghong. Sending all the communist leaders to the north, Gov. Rhee shares his lot with his sinking ship. Mansin, at the last minute, betrays Gov. Rhee and sells his soul for the price of Mija and Ilyoung’s life to the police. Author Chi Sun Rhee is a retired gynecologist/obstetrician. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter and is the author of several acclaimed novels. Her desire to write this unusual history of Korea in a four-part series of books, is a dream she has had for several years. A resident of Toledo Ohio, where she resides with her husband, John, she pursues gardening as her primary avocation. Keywords: Korea, History, Culture, Japanese, Invasion, Romance, Fiction, Documentary, Struggle, Education, Family, Youth, War, Korean War

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